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Writing on blogs

Writing on blogsA test of blogging using my iPhone. You can really do a lot with an iPhone including maintaining your blogs while doing the laundry or other activities that involve waiting for something to complete. In this case, I was waiting for the dryer to finish its job, but just as easily could have been shopping with my wife and I could be blogging while I was waiting for her to make a decision on a pair of shoes or a new purse. This is a great tool for writing on blogs.

Writing on blogs

Just trying blogging using my new iPad mini! Works really great! If you are a blogger earning your income from your websites or just enjoy blogging, then the iPhone or the iPad, either the mini or the regular-sized version are great tools of the trade. There is a WordPress app for these devices that lets you monitor your blogs and makes the activity of reading comments, approving them, or deleting them an easy process. Users can trigger updates to the WordPress engine or the plugins that you use as well as update and create new posts.

I have only been using the iPhone for this purpose for the past two months to update my blogs. I really like the idea of being able to take a picture and have it on my blog within minutes. It is basically as soon as I can upload it to the blog.

If I do not have the time or are just not into it that day, I can also send an email to the blog with the picture and it will be posted on my blog as well. Now isn’t that neat? Well best be getting along now and doing some more blog posts and updates to my other posts.

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