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Effects of Not Getting Enough Sleep

Effects of Not Getting Enough SleepThe effects of not getting enough sleep can be quite dramatic and very dangerous. For example when you do not get enough sleep the tendency is to drift off to sleep while driving your car which can cause accidents. We  have read many reports about people falling asleep at the wheel and the car end up rolling over in the ditch. Also you cannot concentrate as well, you cannot remember names, or numbers and it’s very difficult to solve problems and do high school homework. The more sleep deprived you become the more difficulty you will have with all of these functions.

Routine Loss of Sleep

Many people routinely do not get enough sleep at night. They tend to stay up later, and then get up for work or go to school at the regular time. They end up being sleep deprived which can cause many physical problems, memory problems, and generally make it dangerous to drive a car. It can also make them have less patience for their friends and family causing  out bursts and arguments. It is extremely important for the average person to get at least eight hours of sleep, and they say that teenagers should have at least an average of nine hours of sleep every night.

While it may be okay to burn the midnight hours studying or working late to complete a project, regular loss of sleep will cause significant issues long-term. In fact loss of sleep over even a short time can cause loss of concentration and you risk not impressing your boss or losing a promotion. Memory starts to become compromised, concentration is difficult and you may even fall asleep at inappropriate times.

Effects of Not Getting Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep can cause people to have difficulty in concentrating. Whether it is at meetings, driving a car, or operating machinery the ability to concentrate is greatly diminished when people are sleep deprived. This can be very dangerous for those people who were having trouble staying awake. One friend of ours would fall asleep at the wheel of his car at a stoplight while he was waiting for it to turn from red to green. Can you imagine being in his car when he is driving. I don’t think so. His wife would not let him drive alone and would have to wake him up when the light turned green. He had a severe sleeping problem, however even a moderate sleeping problem can cause serious issues for many people. Fortunately he was able to rectify his sleeping issue and now routinely gets a good nights sleep.

Regular Routine of Sleep

Try to go to bed at the same time every night. Also do not watch violent programs on TV or any action oriented programs or read any exciting books. Do not use stimulants of any kind and try to get into a routine. A quiet routine in the evening will help you go to sleep at a regular time. If you are overtired try to get an extra nap during the day at lunchtime or after work. This sounds incredibly boring. But getting enough sleep so that you can function well during the day in a safe manner is very important. Read your books or watch your programs that tend to wake you up or keep you up early in the day to avoid loss of sleep and jeopardizing your daily schedule.

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