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Weight Loss TipsThere are a number of weight loss tips that will benefit many people. However the major tip for consideration everyone needs to think about is whether you are ready or not. Each person regardless of their weight, have to first realize that they need to lose weight to gain a healthier life style and then they need to decide that they actually are going to lose weight. It cannot be a half hearted attempt. You need to be serious about this and really be ready to make the effort. If you are not serious, then you may as well save yourself the time and the money with regards to losing weight.

Weight Loss Tips – Make a Decision and Stick With It

This statement may seem trivial, however unless you have the conviction to lose weight along with the perseverance, most people will go on a diet for a short period, lose a few pounds and then go off the diet. So the first major tip is recognize that you need to lose weight and the second is to decide with commitment that you are going to do what is needed to lose weight.

Weight Loss Tips – Change Your Life Style

Once you have decided to lose weight and are committed to losing weight the next step is to decide what attributes of your lifestyle that you need to change. Perhaps it is fast food, perhaps it is snacking in front of the TV at night, perhaps it is eating very large meals.  What ever it is you need to set up your environment so that you are not tempted to continue bad habits such as snacking.

Weight Loss Tips – Exercise Routine

Part of changing your lifestyle is to begin exercising. Even if it is a walk around the block, it is better than sitting in front of the television and snacking. If you have been a couch potato and this is the first time you decide to exercise start slowly and build up. If you are seriously unhealthy, talk to your doctor first. Even if you start by walking a short distance and build up over time this is a huge improvement.

Exercise will improve your circulation, help you lose weight when combined with a diet program, build your muscles including that of your heart, and increase your lung capacity. Exercise will also increase your metabolism which will burn more calories and help to burn off those pounds.

Fit Your Exercise into a Busy Life

Sometimes we are just so busy that we do not have time to go to the gym and exercise. There are various ways to get your daily exercise. For starters consider taking the stairs instead of the elevator. If it is only  a few floors, chances are you will save time since you can cover several floors before the elevator even arrives. Go for a walk at lunch. Park your car further away from the entrance to your office or shopping and walk the extra distance.

If you are waiting for the kids at an activity, don’t sit and wait, go for a little walk even if it is around the parking lot. There are numerous ways to get in that extra few steps every day while you are building up your endurance.

Walk 10,000 Steps a Day

You have probably seen or read about walking a minimum of 10,000 steps per day. I have personally tried this. It is quite hard to get all of the steps in. I bought a step counter and away I went walking around the mall to get my 10,000 steps in. It really gets a bit boring, so try to vary the routine, go for walks in your neighborhood or around your work place. Drive the car to a different location and walk. Before you know it you will be walking your 10,ooo steps every day.

Eating Habits

This is probably the most difficult thing to do and why we left this weight loss tip until the end. We are all used to fast food prepared quickly with lots of sauces and salt. The salt is bad for high blood pressure or hypertension and all of the fried food and sauces have thousands of calories in them.

Start cooking natural foods and make your own casseroles to be frozen. That way you manage the salt and the fat that goes into the meal and it is ready when you need it. Just a quick dethaw, heat it up and supper is ready. These are excellent meals when you are in a hurray and pressed for time.

Stay away from fast food restaurants or any restaurant were the food is cooked in oil of some kind. Try doing without all of the sauces such as ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressing, and special sauces. Not only are they high in fat content, they are also high in calories and salt as well.


Snacking is like a silent villain that sneaks up on you. We all love to snack, however the problem with snacking is that we lose track of how many calories we are actually eating. It is relatively easy to sit in front of the television and snack on a bowl of peanuts while watching our favorite program. Before we know it the bowl of peanuts is gone and we have consumed a thousand calories or more. While nuts are an excellent food type, we really do not need these extra calories unless you can burn them off in some way. Let’s face it most of us cannot burn them off easily.

If you must snack, have sticks of sugar free gum around to chew on. They have few calories and provide that chewing sensation that we need. Far better to chew several sticks of gum than to eat many different snacks.

In summary, make a conscience attempt to change your life style, exercise, change your eating habits and avoid snacking. You will find that the pounds will come off. The rate of losing pounds will depend on how well you do in sticking to your plan. Let us know if there are other ideas and tips that have helped you to lose weight and keep it off.


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