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Diet, Exercise, Energy Deficits

Energy DeficitsDiet, Exercise, Energy Deficits which one should you try? Or how about all of them? Anyone wanting to lose weight must deal with the fundamental laws of energy. You cannot lose weight if you are taking in more energy than what you are burning. Energy deficits must be created every day if you want to lose weight. As we discuss the details of this theory, it will get much more complicated, however you should remember that if your energy absorbed through food is greater than the energy burned through daily activities and exercise you are going to gain weight. By burning more energy than you take in, and creating an energy deficit, only then will you lose weight.

Diet, Exercise, Energy Deficits

Fad Diets

There are lots of fad diets that are advertised on TV and the radio and in newspapers. Most of them are selling a product and that is how they make their money. They do not always deal with the larger issue of how exercise factors into the equation. Low carb diets, water melon diets, soup diets and on and on. These diets just do not deal with the need for a balanced diet with the proper vitamins that the body needs. Nor do they deal with the total number of calories that everyone needs to maintain a normal busy life style vs. what they need to take in and lose weight. Creating an energy deficit while eating properly will ensure that you lose weight.

Weight Watchers

Weight watchers appears to focus on portion control using a point system to manage your calories and intake. Consumers following the weight watchers diet must keep track of their food intake using a point system and also portion control. They can also bulk up on low calorie food to give them that full feeling that everyone wants. Consumers on weight watchers diets can even partake of deserts as long as they have not exceeded the number of points they need to consume for the day. Still for weight watchers to be successful, even weight watchers agrees that an energy deficit must be created if you are going to lose weight.

Add Exercise

If you maintain a normal daily routine i.e. going to work, household chores etc, then you will need to make sure that the calories you take in through meals and snacks is less than what you need for daily activity. As long as there is an  energy deficit, you will lose weight over time. Going for a walk, working out at the gym or exercising on your own will help you increase this energy deficit and help you lose weight. Paying attention to what you eat and how much is an important element of weight control. Exercise will burn calories and increase your energy deficit.

Energy Deficits – Building Muscle

One of the side effects of working out is that you will build muscle. You will lose fat content as well, however it is a well known fact that muscle weighs more than fat. Some consumers who are exercising regularly do not lose weight, but their body is changing, becoming more lean and less chubby. Consumers should not be concerned about this. Muscle is always better than fat, and will actually increase your metabolism which in turn burns more calories. Besides who does not want to look well toned and lean?

Eat Good Food

We all know that there are good calories and bad calories. Some dieters are even allowed to eat sweets, but there is a big difference between some sweets and others. Take a chocolate bar for example vs a piece of chocolate. A chocolate bar as a lot more in it besides chocolate. There is corn starch, trans fats and lots of sugar. This is an example of a not so good desert or snack. Eating a piece of pure chocolate does not contain all of these extra elements and is just as satisfying.

The same rule applies to many other foods. Fried foods, deep fried foods and precooked frozen foods lose much of their nutrient value during preparation, while at the same time picking up lots of trans fats and calories during the cooking and preparation processes. Stick to fresh foods that you cook yourself to avoid all of these extra calories and fats. Use low fat cooking techniques and avoid frying your food.

Read the Labels

All processed food is labeled with the number of calories and fat content. The first thing to remember is that the number of calories could be up to 20% higher than what the label says. Manufacturers are allowed to be 20% in error. If you must eat processed food , keep this fact in mind when you are planning your meals so that you do not ruin your energy deficit calculations.

If you are serious about losing weight, there are a number of steps you need to take to ensure that you lose weight. First of all you must create an energy deficit each and every day. An energy deficit can be created by dieting or exercise or a combination of both. Practice portion control to reduce the calories that you take in.

Snacks and Energy Deficits

Another huge area which can eliminate your energy deficit is snacks. Snacking by itself is not bad. It can actually be good to help increase your metabolism. The problem with snacks is that we do not have control over how much we eat while snacking. Before we realize it, the snacks we eat can eliminate our energy deficit and cause us to gain weight. If you cannot eliminate snacks, then practice portion control to manage how much food you actually take in. Secondly change to a low calorie type snack which cause you to bulk up give you that full feeling. However the best way is to avoid snacks all together.

Manage your energy deficit by managing your diet and adding exercise to increase you energy deficit.


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  1. Again this is all palaver. Proteins are used by ALL cells to reiubld the cell, in the event there isnt enough then the body will break down muscle. Muscle only shrinks (atrophy) from lack of exercise. You need 1-1.5 grams of protein per lean weight per day, thats 100 grams at most for all of you per day. Anything less and your muscles will simply shrink, and your metabolism will decrease. You do not NEED carbohydrates AT ALL, your brain can use ketones just fine.

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