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Weight Loss and Life Style

Weight Loss TipsWeight loss and life style are tied very closely together when it comes to managing your weight. If you do not manage your life style, and perhaps change it for the long term , you may not lose the weight you want to lose.  Worse you may continue to gain weight which of course only makes the situation a lot worse. As this picture shows we all consume a lot of foods that are just simple calories and add to our waste lines. From donuts to chocolate bars, chips and peanuts they all add to our weight gain.

So what do we mean by life style and it’s effect on our weight?

Many people are extremely busy with their lives. They have to get to work, they have to look after the kids and they have to look after the house. Then there are the school activities, the after school activities and if there is time  , a social life. Exactly were is there time to exercise or eat properly? Rushing home from work, grabbing some fast food something and then heading out the door again to one of the kids activities is just not conducive to managing your weight. The jobs we have today are leaning more and more towards low activity jobs. Whether we sit behind a desk or push a button to control a robot on an assembly line, we are not buring many calories on the job either.

This is the lifestyle that many of us face today. Without changing this lifestyle we cannot possibly lose weight and we are lucky to not gain weight.

Weight Loss and Life Style – The Fundamentals

Energy into your body less energy burned during the day equals positive or negative results. If it is positive you are going to gain weight. If it is negative, you are going to lose weight. It is just that simple. There is a lot you can do on both sides of the equation to influence it in the right direction and a lot of it is life style changes that you need to make.

Let’s look at the fast food area to start with. Whether you grab something at the fast food restaurant or you heat up a prepacked frozen meal, they are all high in calories and high in salt content. A high salt content helps the body retain fluids and contributes to high blood pressure. One of the first steps is to get away from the prepared fast food syndrome and it is relatively easy to do and watch your salt intake.

Prepare Your Own Fast Food

Pick a day, perhaps on the weekend and prepare a large meal. Does not matter what it is, but make sure that it is far more than what your family can eat. Prepare a healthy meal and capture all of the vitamins by cooking  properly with a balance of vegetables, meat and a carbohydrate. Once you are finished dinner, prepare casseroles which you can freeze to be taken out for dinner sometime during the week.  Every time you cook a meal always cook more than you need. Before you know it, there will be a freezer full of meals that you can select for your family to have an excellent meal.

Book Your Schedule

Just in the way you book meetings and the kids activities, book some time into your schedule so that you have time to exercise even if it is going for a walk around the block for 15 minutes. Remember what we are trying to do is alter your lifestyle. Scheduling time for your self even if it is a few minutes at a time is a good start. Walk to meetings. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Whenever there is an opportunity to exercise in some small way, take it. This will burn calories and also increase your metabolism at the same time which burns even more calories.

Weight Loss and Life Style – Involve Your Family and Friends

It is really hard to lose weight if you are the only one trying to watch what you eat and to exercise while others enjoy themselves over eating and not worrying about what they eat.

With a partner to help you when you are down and support you in sticking to your goals the job can get to be much easier. Having your friends involved, as well as your family has other benefits as well. They will participate with you as well and gain some of the benefits of losing weight. Your kids and spouse will be able to work with you and help you to prepare meals, go for walks and generally increase your families overall activity rate. This is a bonus to your weight loss and life style changes.

Weight Loss and Life Style – Long Term Benefits

Whether you know it or not, by involving your family in your weight loss program, there are multiple benefits that you will see for a long time. The obvious benefit is that you receive the support you need to stick with the program when you find it difficult. Your family will also benefit since they will also lose weight at the same time if they stick to the life style changes you are mapping out. But the real benefit is the long term results and influence you have on your kids.

By being more active, by eating better and staying away from fast food, your kids will develop the habits needed over a lifetime to help them sustain their weight at acceptable levels. If you are overweight as a kid you will be overweight as an adult. If you learn to eat properly , to manage your portions, to exercise when you can, they will do the same. They will follow your lead and this is one of the most important gifts you can give to your family. Long term healthy habits is so important to living a higher quality life and to living a healthy life.

Try it and work at it and you will see the results over time. The fast weight loss programs that you pay for just will not work unless you can also change your lifestyle.


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