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We are Not as Healthy as we Think

Not as Healthy as we ThinkDo you have a big goal with a deadline: for example,  lose 70 pounds by your wedding day or by your birthday! Perhaps we are Not as Healthy as we Think and losing weight might be more difficult than we think.

Many people will use all kinds of tricks and ideas to help them lose weight and to draw attention to their issue so they can get support for losing weight. What it really takes is for people who want to lose weight is to  move around more. They need to get out for a walk, play a sport, cycle etc.

Run down a  staircase or beat back tempting treats, the real issues that most people already know that success hinges on accountability. We have to recognize that inactivity on couch potato days, is just going to mean increased weight. This contributes to being not as healthy as we think we are.

We all have those days when we think about our younger days when we were a lot more active as a young athletes playing hockey, baseball, karate and football. We could eat anything we wanted because were going to burn it off with the energy we expended running around. Do we still run around like that? The answer is NO and this is one of the reasons we are not as healthy as we think we are.

So What Happens, Why do we Gain Weight

Many people get  caught up working, and get lazy at the end of the day, and before you know it, your pants don’t fit anymore. Writing a blog about losing weight is one way to be accountable and to think about everything you put in your mouth along with the consequences. It also forces us to think about the exercise component and how we must increase the activity level.

Recognized Your Weight Problem –  Don’t Delude Yourself

Most of us don’t even realize that we are overweight. We have been that way for so long we have forgotten what it feels like to be at the right weight. Over two-thirds of the Canadian population is overweight and we suspect even more of the US population.

We have about 20 per cent of the Canadians being what you would clinically obese.

Time warp

Polls indicate that seventy-seven per cent of those polled said they live a generally healthy lifestyle. Again, their answers on the specifics of diet, exercise and sleep don’t bear that out.

When people were asked why they aren’t healthier, lack of time was the main reason given:

  • Not enough time to make healthy meals: 37 per cent.
  • Insufficient time to get vigorous exercise regularly: 42 per cent.
  • Not enough time to sleep: 36 per cent.

Nearly 60 per cent of both adults and youth surveyed said they are tired most of the time, and nearly 40 per cent of adults reported feeling stressed most of the time.

Part of the problem is that few consumers  look at what actually drives poor eating habits and our sedentary nature.

It is Easy to be Inactive

People feel they lack the time and skills to prepare healthy meals, while research shows insufficient sleep and stress actually change our metabolism and lead to cravings and changes in how the body stores energy.

Another source of the problem is how society makes it easy to be inactive. We chose cars over walking. Video games over outdoor play in a society that is biologically and sociologically “wired” to embrace convenience. We’re biologically trained for survival with little expenditure of effort, and our culture of labour-saving devices encourages mindless eating at otherwise idle moments.

We are spending more and more time in front of TV or computer screens, instead of moving about. The bottom line is that if you want to lose weight, you first have to recognize that you are over weight and need to lose weight to improve your health. Consumers then must manage the combination of food intake with the amount of energy expended through physical activity. If you eat, and do not move around in some significant way, you are going to probably gain weight!

Comments are appreciated by our readers. We are looking for comments that will help our readers with this serious issue of avoiding gaining weight and how we can lose weight. Not as healthy as we think we are is a serious issue for many people.


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