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Hampton Inns 100% Guarantee

Many travelers may know about the Hampton Inns 100% Guarantee customer satisfaction guarantee, but have you ever taken advantage of it. We have taken advantage of the guarantee several times for legitimate reasons, and in fact it was the hotel who made the offer to us on one of the occasions!

Hampton Inn Atlantic City

The first time we used the Hampton Inns 100% Guarantee was near Atlantic city. We checked in, found our room to be fine and then took off for the casinos in nearby Atlantic city. We got back around 11pm and got ready for bed. since it was a warm evening, we decided to turn on the air conditioning, only to find that it was not working. In fact the coils where freezing up with ice on the outside which is a sure sign that the system is low on Freon or whatever they use these days. By the time we realized this, it was around 1 am and too late to really do anything about it so we just endured the heat and went to sleep.

The next morning I mentioned it to the manager that the AC was not working and about the coils. I mentioned that he needed to get this fixed because the coils were icing up causing condensation in the room and that it could also damage the unit itself. He thanked me for this information and without asking, pointed to the Hampton Inns 100% Guarantee and told me there would be no charge for the room for that night. Since we were staying two nights, he moved us to another better room.

Hampton Inn – St Louis West

This is another situation were the Hampton inn did not meet our expectations. As we travel throughout the US, we have come to expect that every hotel will have laundry facilities and wireless internet throughout the hotel. We checked into the Hampton Inn – St Louis – West under these assumptions. I asked for change for the laundry after having checked in. I was informed that there was no laundry on site. After mentioning that we were not satisfied, due to no laundry, no wireless and that we were not satisfied.

The manager offered us 100% back on our room cost. However I indicated that in this case in my opinion 100% was not fair. We agreed on a 50% rate reduction for the cost of the room. I think  that it is important to be fair in these situations with the hotel.

We also found out that hot chocolate chip cookies were also not provided.  To make matters worse we were told about the Drury Inn next door which was the same price, but also offers hot evening bar food as well.

Hampton Inn – Tucson

This last situation was really the fault of another guest. Apparently contrary to hotel rules, the previous guest smoked in his room and we were checked into this room without it having been properly cleaned. Note that the Hampton Inns, are all supposed to be non-smoking.

The hotel manager agreed to move us and reduce our room rate as well. It was a very attractive rate, although we had to change rooms.

Hampton Inns 100% Guarantee

The Hampton inn chain stands behind their service guarantee. Although you must mention the issues you have to the hotel manager and request a discount to your room rate.

Their breakfast is average, with some hot and cold items on the menu with coffee, tea and juices.

All in all a great chain to stay at all over the country with competitive rates for most places. For more information about hotels we have stayed at, click here.


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