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Virtual Presence Through Robots

Virtual Presence Through RobotsCan you imagine sending a robot to your work place to represent you at work! This is called, Virtual Presence Through Robots. The robot could even have the same facial image as you! He or she or iI guess it would look like you and be your eyes and ears at the office. Employees would be connected to their virtual robot and be able to see and hear everything while at home or on the other side of the world. This is really futuristic and it would take a lot of adaptation by everyone involved.

This is something out of the future. Robots have already replaced people on assembly lines, but could they replace people at work in an office? Could one human manage several robots doing routine tasks interacting with other humans and only intervening when needed? The answeer is yes and it will happen within the next few years.

Virtual Presence Through Robots – Other Scenarios

This and many other scenarios are being considered and thought about now. There are trials taking place and we may see over the next 20 years many more developments such as this one. Some futurists are suggesting that as many as 40% of current jobs. This will be a major disruption to our civilization as we currently know it. Many people will be out of work, unable to get jobs because the robots have replaced them. There will be new jobs as well, however these will be highly skilled jobs requiring extensive education.

This is the stuff of science fiction but more and more ideas will be forthcoming in the near future. We talked about robots providing health care and companionship in a previous post. What if these robots were managed by some central agency with one human managing several robots remotely?

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