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Drury Inn Terra Haute Indianna

Drury inn Terra HauteThe Drury Inn in Terra Haute Indiana is part of the Drury hotel chain. This chain is unique among hotels of this class. $99 for two people gets you a room, kickback and a hot breakfast! A pretty good deal if you looking to minimize your budget for dining as well as a hotel room.

The kickback special is unique to most hotel chains. The Drury Inn kick back includes 3 alcoholic drinks per person and a buffet which includes salads, soup, baked potato, pasta and hot dogs!  Depending on the evening and the hotel they will also include chicken fingers or some other kind of finger food.  You can enjoy your dinner, although it may not be the most nutritious unless you just stick to the salad and soup combo, but it is certainly filling and something for everyone. What a deal? All of this included in the price of the hotel room which is also very competitive..

Asking as you do not need or want to go out to eat, this us a great alternative to eating out at a restaurant. And you usually meet people from all over as well. This Drury Inn fully met our expectations, was very clean and included laundry machines which you can use if needed  as well!

Drury Inn – Tips to remember

If you stay at any of the Drury Inns, always ask for a room on the upper floor on the opposite side to the highway. Although we have never had a noise problem when staying at one of these hotels we tend to make sure we stay on the opposite side of the highway to minimize the possibility of too much noise from outside.

We also found that the beds are not quite as good as other hotels. They are comfortable, but tend to move when your partner shifts their position in the middle of the night. It was enough to wake the other up during the night. We all want to get a good nights sleep.


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