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Vacation Rentals Puerto Vallarta

Vacation Rentals Puerto Vallarta are a huge business in this tropical Mexican city. There are many condos, hotels and homes built as vacation spots for the snow birds who want to get away from the snow and ice of the north or just people who want to spend some time by the sea. Having spent 2 month in a vacation rental in Puerto Vallarta, the writer can tell readers that this is a wonderful Mexican city to visit. It is relatively inexpensive to visit and spend time there and it is also quite safe contrary to the many news reports about Mexico.

Vacation Rentals Puerto Vallarta Along the Coast

There are vacation rentals in the city itself as well as along the coast in both directions. There are several smaller cities as well that are being developed and expanded with small apartment style condo’s as well private homes. Two such places are the Marina in Puerto Vallarta and also Nuevo Vallarta.  Both places have shopping centers, golf courses, private homes and condos as well as luxury hotels for tourists.

Staying in one of these vacation rentals in Puerto Vallarta, tourists can usually find all of the utensils and bedding that they need. Some are excellent and very clean, while others may need some work when you arrive. Most will need the basics such as spices etc and of course food that you plan to prepare and cook for yourself.

Marina in Puerto Vallarta

If you are near the marina, there are several restaurants which are quite reasonable to eat at. In addition you can enjoy the scenery on the marina or look out over the ocean. Check out the bars as well when you are staying in your vacation rental in Puerto Vallarta. Many will serve a tequila chaser with your beer or wine. One restaurant we went to placed a bottle partially filled with tequila on the table. Which was included with the meal and whatever other drinks that we purchased.

Another restaurant owner would share a shot of tequila with each of the tables  through the night. I really think that it had to be watered down tequila. There were about ten tables. How could you really drink that much tequila and still be walking around or do that night after night?

As with any city, visitors should be alert and careful. But no more so than any other city across North American. The main danger areas are in northern Mexico close to the US border which is a long ways from this seaside tropical city.

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