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Couch Potato – Sitting Disease

couch potato Sitting can Kill YouYou probably have heard the term couch potato, but not sitting disease. It strikes most people who have desk jobs or spend a lot of time in front of the computer, sometimes many hours. If you kept track of the number of hours you spend sitting vs. being active, even if it is just a walk around the block, you would find that a higher percentage of your time is spent in front of the computer or just sitting down watching TV. Then there is the time spent in the car while you commute to work. prior to computers you would have to run errands and actually leave the house instead of paying bills online etc.

If this describes you and your current activity level, then you have the new disease called sitting disease.

Researchers all over the world including Australia and England have completed studies which suggests that if this describes you, not only do you have sitting disease, you also have a far greater likely hood of developing other diseases related to inactivity and weight gain. In fact you have an 18% higher chance of dying from cardio vascular disease as a result.

Doctors are recommending that you get up and move around, stretch every 30 minutes and actually walk around the office , your home whatever, but get moving on a regular basis.

From Couch Potato – Get Moving

Here are some simple ideas for getting moving during the day which can help you avoid the effects of sitting disease.

  • Stretching, turning, and bending.
  • Exercise in addition to  your workout.
  • Mix standing and sitting while working.
  • Take regular breaks from the desk.
  • Pretend it’s 1985, walk instead of sending an email.
  • Learn new habits.
  • Stand up at the office.
  • Take Advantage of new technology.
  • Walk at the end of your work day
  • Walk instead of  commuting by car
  • Stand up while watching television.

More Detail

Stretching, turning, and bending – whenever you have the opportunity and a few minutes of time, try  this simple workout even if it is only for five minutes to stretch the muscles and increase your heart rate.

Exercise in addition to  your workout – don’t just exercise during your workout. Use opportunities to walk up the stairs instead of using the elevator, walk further to the car and go for walks on a daily basis to add to your main exercise workout routine.

Mix standing and sitting while working – if you sit a lot on the job, stand up whenever you can. For example if you are on the phone stand up while you are listening or talking to stretch your legs and move about.

Take regular breaks from the desk – walk down the hallway and back, walk to a colleagues desk instead of calling, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and just get up and stretch at least once every hour.

Walk more Often

Pretend it’s 1985, walk instead of sending an email – walk to a colleagues desk instead of sending an email or calling. Meet somewhere for a coffee and walk to the location, avoid the elevator.

Learn new habits – look for different ways to exercise and build it into your regular routine. Stand up at the office, stand up while watching TV, walk to the corner store, walk at night, walk to work, walk from the back of the parking lot and so on.

Stand up at the office – whenever you can to stretch your legs and move about. Have your computer terminal elevated so that you can stand instead of sitting, stand up when talking on the phone, or use hands free and walk around the office while on the phone.

Take Advantage of new technology – use hands free technology to allow you to walk while talking, monitor your steps every day and use counters to keep a consistent distance every day.

Walk at the end of your work day – walk an extra bus stop, walk home, take the stairs, etc to increase the distance you walk every day to increase circulation.

Walk instead of  commuting by car – if you can walk to work, other wise take the bus or rapid transit and walk an extra bus stop

Stand up while watching television – stand while watching TV, iron your clothes, do your exercise while watching, arrange for your computer to be elevated while working at home etc.

These are all excellent methods of increasing your activity level without placing unreasonable demands on your time or your system. You will be amazed at how many calories you will burn off every day by doing these extra activities and avoid sitting disease. For more information about exercise, click here.


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