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Travel Tips for Busy Parents

Travel Tips for Busy ParentsWe have traveled a lot over the years. Travel Tips for Busy Parents will help you prepare for your next trip. We have found that there are a number of steps you can take to make your travel more enjoyable and a lot less stressful. This post is an attempt to help other people who love to travel. They want to be organized and enjoy their trips at the same time without feeling the need to take a huge amount of clothing, or have problems with lost luggage etc. This is our list of Travel Tips for Busy Parents and what works for us. If you feel that some additional items should be added, feel free to leave us a comment. We will be happy to add your item to the list if it makes sense for travelers. Here we go:

Travel Tips for Busy Parents

Keep the wardrobe simple – pick one or two colors and stick with that for your tops and bottoms. Mix and match so there is something different every day and only take enough business clothes for five days. Most hotels have a cleaning service if you need that. Take two days of casual clothes as well and then rotate your clothes to keep looking your best. If you feel you need something more, a quick trip to a shopping store can usually do the trick.

Call home – and send text messages to your kids and spouse. Try to have quick catch up calls with your family in the morning and evening. Don’t forget they are usually on a schedule as well with school and work as well as activities.

Adapt to Local Time – stick with the local time and adjust your sleep pattern to the whatever time zone you are in. the first night may be difficult, but then you will be better for it as the week goes on.

Make use of WiFi

Uuse your smart phone and WiFi to keep up with emails and home office / customer requirements as well as emails from the family.  It is amazing how many emails you can go through while standing inline for the elevator or waiting for your colleagues to arrive. Make use of your time and be efficient with emails. Same thing in airports or other places where you may find yourself waiting for someone or some thing such as an airline or train.

Fly early or very late – Red eyes are great, especially if you can sleep on the plane. You get home early to see your family and you can still spend a full day at work. Fly early to allow for meetings in the late morning or early afternoon at your destination.

Use Carry On – even if you have to check a bag, always take carry on and always make sure you have everything you need in your carry on for at least one days worth. If they lose your bag or it is late, you can still complete your schedule without having to wear the same things for twos days in a row and you have your toiletries with you.

Do not use energy Drinks – they can keep you up at night and make adapting to a new time zone more difficult .

Plan your trip – avoid leaving everything to the last minute. Make sure your schedule is well planned and all reservations that are needed are finalized. There is nothing that wastes time more than scrambling to get ready for a trip.

Emergencies – will occur and our motto is as long as we have our passports, money  and tickets, we can usually adapt and / or replace whatever we need.



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