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The Fast Diet

the fast Diet, Nutrition and ExerciseThis is another fad diet that we came across and do not support. It is called the fast diet. However we wanted to write about on our blog and provide our comments for people to consider. Your comments on the “The Fast Diet” are welcome. Both success and failures are useful to help people understand what can be possible with these diets. In addition what the impacts may also be. Basically you need to eat only 500 calories a day for two days a week.

This is exactly what the latest blockbuster diet from Britain recommends. It is authored by London-based doctor Michael Mosley and writer Mimi Spencer. It outlines a weight-loss plan that limits a person’s daily intake to 500 calories twice a week (men get 600 calories, women get 500 calories). But allows dieters to eat whatever they want on the remaining five days of the week.

Fast Diet

You suffer during two days of the week. You eat normally during the other days of the week. During the two days were you are only eating 500 calories a day, there is a chance you are going to feel faint, weak. You may also have headaches. This situation creates potentially dangerous situations for a person when they are operating a vehicle for example. Or trying to perform at work and participate in every day life. Concentration can be very difficult if you are distracted due to hunger, low blood sugar and general weakness. If you are susceptible to low blood sugar situations, you may not want to follow this diet. Or at least follow it under the supervision of a doctor or at the very least a family member.

Also when you fast for two days or only eat 500 calories, many people will eat many things they might normally deny themselves. They might actually over indulge on these days when they are allowed to eat normally. Some people may over eat the night before that they are supposed to cut back on calories. They do this with the idea that they will eat enough to carry them through to the end of the two days were they can eat again. We think this just defeats the purpose. If you are following this diet, the best results will be gained by eating normally before and after the 2 day diet of 500 calories.

Changes in Food Intake

With these drastic swings in food intake, there is a good chance that some harm can be done to the bodies systems. Regular bowel movements can be upset for example. This can cause constipation etc. In fact if you are already susceptible to this health related issue there is a good chance that this condition could be aggravated. The same applies to many other health conditions.

We feel that before you embark on a diet like this one, consumers should really consult their doctor. Assess the impact and concerns that the doctor might have regarding this type of diet. In addition we believe that a balanced weight loss program is far superior to any of these fad diets. By balanced we believe that a weight loss program should involve your current health. Also anaging your food intake and also increasing your activity level within proper health levels. Consumers need to consider all of the facts before they embark on a diet of this sort and also take into account their own health situation as well. If you are already struggling with some health issue, there is a good chance that this type of diet will only make it worse. Be careful and use your common sense when dieting.

For more information on this sort of diet program, please refer to some of the other posts on this website. Remember the best diet is the balanced diet and exercise program over a longer period of time where you form the correct eating and exercise habits that fits your lifestyle and personal objectives. For more diet related articles, click here.

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