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Sleep Apnea DevicesOne of the worries that many consumers have when they are diagnosed with sleep apnea and are told they need a CPAP machine is how they will travel with these machines. Fortunately there are travel size CPAP machines that are easy to pack, easy to carry and easy to use. The writer uses the CPAP machine displayed in the picture shown on the left. He has traveled with it a great deal.

It is an extra bag that you have to carry and account for. However the value received by using this machine far outweighs any additional concern that you might have. If I am only traveling for a single night, I use a small water bottle to carry distilled water for the humidifier. Otherwise I carry a larger jug of water with me.

Adjustments to The Travel Size CPAP to Make it Even Better

So far I have made two changes to my travel size CPAP machine to enhance my convenience when traveling with it.  The first is relatively simple. I added an extension cord to the bag to use in hotel rooms. Most hotel rooms have an electrical outlet relatively close to where you will set up your CPAP. However there are a few, that do not or the existing plugs are all in use. I carry this extension cord so that I have no problems in this area. I use it about 2 or 3 times out of every 10 hotel rooms that I stay at.

The second change is related to distilled water that you really should use in your CPAP machine. The picture shows a CPAP with a humidifier included. Which is really recommended to keep your nose and nasal passages from drying out. It is recommended that distilled water should be used to avoid any particulates from getting into your lungs. In addition chlorine that is routinely placed in tap water

Distilled Water

The bottles of distilled water are large and it is one more thing to carry into a hotel room. If you are flying the bottles are too large to be carried on a plane, so many people need to rush out in the city they are in to find distilled water. If you are driving it is less of a problem, however it is another package or in this case bottle to carry in. I have taken a small water bottle and filled it with distilled water. It is small enough to fit in the travel case for my CPAP machine and holds enough water for two days of use.

This is just a practical thing to do to make life a little bit easier for people traveling with a CPAP machine. There may be other things that can be added, however this is what I have found so far and wanted to pass along to readers who are dealing with CPAP machines for the first time.

Emergency Power for a CPAP Machine

If the power is down for any length of time, you will not be able to use your CPAP. One or two nights without power for your CPAP is not the end of the world. Unless you have severe sleep apnea. You probably have a lot of other things to be concerned about if the power is off for this length of time. A generator can be used to provide power. However it is important to follow all safety precautions with their use including hook up and exhaust outside of your home.

We have included a number of posts about CPAP machines, sleep apnea and sleep studies. This is based on our own experience with these topics. It does not replace what your doctor or a sleep specialist might provide to you. We happen to believe that it is very important to deal with this issue to avoid the possibility of stroke, heart attack and other ailments that result from chronic lack of sleep. In addition it also affects diet and weight loss. If you are not sleeping you will be eating to provide immediate energy. Of course this is a bad thing for weight loss. Take the steps now to arrange for a sleep study if you suspect that you have sleep apnea.

For more information about travelling with your CPAP machine, click here.

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3 Responses to “Travel Size CPAP”

  1. my cpap machine really works well. I just carry an extension chord with me at all times to make sure that i can place it wherever i need it. some hotel rooms do not have a lot of outlets you can plug into or they are already in use.

  2. Thanks for the informative arltice. I often wondered about the need to use it every night, including trips.If we are on a trip and can’t get any bottled or distilled water, how many nights can we safely use tap water?Also, is it safe to run the machine without the water? Thanks, Jim[] Reply:May 17th, 2011 at 3:16 pmRegarding tap water, no specific time has been designated as safe so we would suggest using bottled water instead of tap water. Additionally, the rule of thumb, if using tap water, is to Know Your Water Source . This would be especially true if you are traveling internationally. We would suggest you simply purchase some bottled water once you reach your destination to assure they are not breathing contaminated water when you use your PAP device. Remember that the more tap water you use the more hardwater buildup will occur in your humidifier chamber.[] Reply:May 18th, 2011 at 1:24 pmYou can run your unit without the humidifier. If no water is being used, then the unit would need to be separated and the tubing attached directly to the flow generator instead. Without humidification you may experience dryness in your mouth and nasal passages. In this situation we would suggest you hydrate with lots of water during the day and perhaps get Biotene mouthwash to help keep the mouth moist. Safe Travels this summer![]

  3. Sleep apnea in adults won’t cause sdedun death by itself, but if untreated it can lead to serious and sometimes fatal complications. These include high blood pressure, impotence, and increased risk of accidents due to lack of sleep. Diagnosis and treatment can greatly improve overall quality of life.

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