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Road Runners in Palm Springs

There are lots of road runners in Palm Springs but it is not often you get this close to one. This guy likes sweet potato fries and is not afraid of guests sitting on the patio having lunch. We are pretty sure that the waiters keeps him well fed.

Road Runners in Palm SpringsThis picture was taken at the Agua Caliente Casino on Ramon road in the Palm Springs area. We were sitting out on a patio enjoying our lunch and the scenery when this road runner came along. He was looking for food and his favorite seemed to be sweet potato fries which he would grab and then take off to eat somewhere in the foliage. He was quite entertaining.

Road Runners in Palm Springs

If you have never had your lunch at the casino, this spot is one of the best. You can eat indoors or outdoors. It is shaded from the sun which is nice when it is really hot and you overlook the pool area. This is quite a nice spot to spend an hour or two having lunch or dinner.

It is also a good place to take a break from the casino. If you are looking for some peace and quiet, this restaurant is a great place to take some time out and enjoy the outdoors. For more information and things to do in Palm Springs, click here.


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