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Spa Casino, Palm Springs

Spa Casino, Palm SpringsWe visited the Spa Casino several times while staying in Palm Springs. This is a great casino, located in down town Palm Springs. It is close to all of the stores as well as many motels and condo’s that are filled to capacity during the winter months by all of the snow birds.

There is always something going on in or around the Spa Casino in addition to the obvious gambling in the casino. But first a couple of points of information about the casino itself.

Spa Casino, Palm Springs

Owned and operated by the Agua Caliente band, this casino has a large number of up to date slot machines. All the way from penny machines up to the high denomination machines. They also have a dozen or so tables were you can play blackjack and numerous other games. One of the attributes that we really liked is that there is a bar in the center of the casino where you can relax with a drink or play poker on a slot machine while observing the action around you. There is another bar in a quieter area were you can also watch sports as well as play keno and poker on machines located in the bar.

The Spa Casino routinely has various events in their show room. One such event was a tail gate party for the super bowl. Filled to capacity we watch the game, participated in free prize draws and enjoyed pictures of beer for $6.00 and an all you eat buffet for $10.00 Not a bad deal!

Car Auction

Recently there was also a car auction held in one of the adjacent large parking lots were over 700 cars were put up for sale over the weekend. We were amazed at the cars and the prices. There were some pretty nice cars from jags up to Bentley’s up for auction.

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