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Agua Caliente Resort, Rancho Mirage

This picture was taken at the Agua Caliente Resort, Rancho Mirage, in Rancho Mirage at Ramon road and Bob Hope drive where they both meet interstate 10.

Agua Caliente Resort, Rancho Mirage We had lunch sitting on a patio overlooking this tropical paradise, which is actually a pool for the hotel. Lunch is very enjoyable at this location and I am sure dinner would be as well. There is an overhang so you can get out of the sun and enjoy your meal without getting overheated.

There was a little road runner who came to visit looking for meal scraps. We talked to the waiter who told us that he is a regular and knows exactly when to come to lunch or dinner. One of his favorites is sweet potato fries. Turns out they are ours as well so we shared some with him.

Agua Caliente Resort, Rancho Mirage

If you spend any time at this particular casino, take a few minutes to enjoy the scenery and even have lunch if you have more time. This is a beautiful way to spend a couple of hours.

20130214-190644.jpgThere are also quite a few shows and events that are held at the Agua Caliente Resort, Rancho Mirage. We have not actually gone to any. However some of our friends have and they have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. There is a large hotel and also a large show room that can accommodate many people. For More details about Palm Springs Restaurants, click here.


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