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Slowing Metabolism with Age

Slowing Metabolism with AgeTurns out there are multiple reasons for a slowing metabolism with age that affects us all once we are over 20 years of age. Most seniors already know that their metabolism is slowing down. They really do not understand why other than that they are aging. Activity level, body maintenance and energy to process your food all add up to your metabolism rate.

Processing your Food – it takes energy to process food and turn it into the nutrients that your body can use. This is about 10% of your basic metabolism level.

Body Maintenance – accounts for 60 to 70% of the calories that you burn each day. Just your normal day to day activities will use this level of energy even when you are at rest doing your best couch potato impression.

Activity Level – Highly active adults will burn many more calories and increase their metabolism levels. You burn more calories and maintain muscle mass as well as cardio capabilities.  Bottom line is burn off more calories than you take in if you want to lose weight and maintain a higher metabolism.

Slowing Metabolism with Age – What to Do?

There are five things you can do to ramp up your metabolism and burn off more calories.

Increase intensity levels – do more exercise. Exercise every day for 20 minutes at least and focus on high intensity levels while you are doing this exercise.

Strength Training – build muscle. Muscle uses more energy and burns more calories.

Increase your Protein intake – reduce your fat intake and your carb intake to decrease your bad calories. Eating protein will help build those muscles.

Water Intake – drinking lots of water keeps you hydrated and your body working optimally. It helps to build muscle and keep metabolism high.

Don’t Starve Yourself – the body will react by decreasing your metabolism to conserve energy and resources. Eat regular meals and focus on healthy eating habits.

For more about managing your metabolism and nutrition, click here.

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