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Sink Hole Swallows Man and House in Florida

Can you imagine sleeping in your bed and waking up as a sink hole opens up and swallows you, your bed and your house! The sink hole swallows man and house in Florida. This is what happened to one man and his body has not been recovered. In fact his house and the house beside it has been condemned because the sink hole threatens to engulf both homes as it continues to expand.

No one will go into the sink hole to recover the body because it is too dangerous! Most likely the family will erect a memorial nearby. As a result they have lost everything including their family member! More information to come as this story develops.

Sink Hole Swallows Man and House in Florida

Turns out there are many different kinds of sink holes. The one that swallowed this man was formed by water seeping thought the limestone under his house for many years. This apparently a pretty common thing in Florida. There are many sink holes of this type every year in the state.

Sink holes are formed by broken water mains. They may go undetected for months or years. They may have a small leak which gradually undermines the area around the leak. Eventually the surface gives way suddenly.

Sink holes also form when flooding undermines roads and parking lots. These are sudden and easily anticipated due to the massive amount of flooding that usually takes place from storms.

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