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Goldie Hawn’s Palm Springs Home

Goldie Hawn's Palm Springs HomeThis is Goldie Hawn’s Palm Springs home. We walked past this home one spring morning. You cannot help but admire the nice clean lines of this property and the surrounding landscaping. There was no sign of Goldie Hawn on this day. You would have to be really lucky to actually see her out around her home. If she was in Palm Springs, chances are she would show up in a black windowed car were you could not see anything. They would drive straight through the gate. You would not know if it was Goldie in the car or just the body guards on a run to the grocery store. Sometimes the stars will go out to an event or to a restaurant in the area. Many have been seen about the city from time to time, however you really need to be there at the right time.

Goldie Hawn’s Palm Springs Home

Still it is neat to have walked past her house and admired her home in Palm Springs California.  The majority of these homes are walled and gated to prevent passers by from looking in or even entering the property. With the paparazzo and the general public who can sometimes be quite bold, we cannot really blame them for wanting their privacy. Although it would be nice to see her or see her home, it is really nonce of our business.

Palm Springs is a perfect location for Goldie Hawn’s Palm Springs Home, with great weather, more than 330 days a year of sun and heat as well as a location that really caters to the movie set. Many of the newer stars are taking up residence in some of the other desert communities, but Palm Springs is still the main location for many stars.

We have a number of other stars homes listed on this web site with more coming. Hope you enjoy.


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