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Rory McIlroy – Ireland Tourism

Rory McIlroy - Ireland TourismWill Rory McIlroy, Ireland’s new golf sensation be influenced by all of the pressure that is going to be brought to bear on him? Now that he has achieved one of golf’s most prestigious awards. Winning against Tiger Woods in Florida last month has put him in golf’s royalty class. Now everyone is going to try and take advantage of him, his name and his image. Let’s face it this post is no different. That’s exactly what we are doing without putting pressure on him directly. We are writing about what we think will happened to him and not trying to take advantage of his time and money. He is in the big leagues now and will have to surround himself with high quality people that he can trust.

Making Money off of Rory McIlroy

Everyone from people who make t-shirts to the Irish Belfast tourism bureau will get in on the act. They will want his time and money.  People making money off t-shirts is one thing. They will use his image. The rights to his image to print thousands if not millions of t-shirts, coffee mugs, pens and on and on. Rory McIlroy can try to police this somewhat. He can try to claim royalty awards from people who use his image. But the real question is the impact on his time.

For Rory McIlroy to remain at the top of the golf game, he needs to practice and focus on the game of golf just the way he did before he became famous. Now there will be all sorts of demands on his time. From people who want to advance their cause, to use him for advertising from sponsors and so on. Can he maintain the focus he needs  to get the job done?

By all accounts he is pretty grounded. He probably will have a few celebratory parties, but it will be back to golf as soon as possible. He was able to maintain consistency and focus on the final round to beat Tiger by 2 strokes. If Rory McIlroy can do that on the golf course. If he can apply those same skills to his new business empire then there will be no question that he will be successful. Only time will tell.

Winning at Golf good for Irish Tourism

Lately he has won another couple of golf tournaments which will keep him on top of the gold media reporting and bring even more to Ireland. In case you are wondering how his success can help Ireland, it is pretty simple really. Every time his name is mentioned in conjunction with Ireland, some people will get the idea that they should visit Ireland. They will spend their tourist dollars there. Irish tourism can also capitalize on this opportunity as well, by advertising on the golf channels and anywhere else that his name is mentioned. They can also promote some of the Irish golf courses which is even better for tourism with millions of people watching the games on TV.

Ireland is now back on an up swing after going through a severe depression in 2008 / 2009 just like everyone else did. They have paid off their EU loans and their economy is booming once again in 2014.

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  1. i do not really follow this guy rory mcilroy from ireland. is any good and is he still playing

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