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Kaiser Grill Palm Springs

The Kaiser Grill in  Palm Springs has been remodeled and it is much better now. We liked it a lot before, because they served really great food and they served one of the best seafood pasta dishes that I have had in Kaiser Grill Palm Springsa long time. However we did not like their happy hour since it was dark inside and happy hour was served only at the bar, which was inside. We just did not like the decor at all, however it is much improved since it has been remodeled.

With the new remodeled interior, it is much better and they have a great happy hour as well. We sat at the bar. However we also could have been seated at one of several tables near the bar on high top chairs. We prefer the bar and we like to talk to other patrons at the bar. It is a great way to meet people and also to find out about other places that are good to go to as well. When you chat with one of the locals, they are happy to tell you all about Palm Springs. Also about the restaurant and interesting things to do in the city.

Kaiser Grill Palm Springs – Draft Beer

We ordered several draft beers at $3.50 a piece. The price was good, we have had better prices at other locations. But still this price is not bad at Kaiser grill in Palm Springs. We also ordered a chicken quesadia which was more than enough for two. It was excellent and came with six large pieces along with two side sauces.

Kaiser Grill is part of a chain of restaurants in the Palm Springs area. We enjoyed this restaurant very much and probably will go back to it sometime. If you want to go for dinner and it is a nice warm evening, sit outside on the patio to enjoy your dinner. You can people watch at the same time as they stroll along Palm Canyon Drive while enjoying a really good meal.

One of the best times to eat at this restaurant on the patio is Thursday night during the street fair. It is held every week on Thursdays. After you have spent some time walking along the street and mingling with the crowd, what could be better than enjoying dinner and a glass of wine. While you observe the folks walking along the street.

If you have been their for dinner or lunch , please leave a comment about your experience.

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  1. we have also been to the kaiser restaurant in palm springs. Great place to dine especially out on the patio on Thursday night when you can watch the street fair.

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