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Reality Shows Fake or Not

Reality Shows Fake or NotReality shows fake or not? Of course they are not real in the sense that the show is not scripted at all. These shows have some things that are based on reality and they are enhanced to improve their appeal to the audience! Even dancing with the stars is planned in every detail with the main exception that the outcome is really up to the skill of the dancers, the judges scores and the scores from the audience. It is probably the most realistic of all of the reality shows. Of course one show that is clearly scripted and actually not very well is the show called Storage Wars.

Reality Shows Fake or Not

Even its participants have indicated that some of the units that go up for sale have planted items in them to make it more interesting. For example the vast majority of units that go up for sale are just junk piles that need cleaning out. If you have ever been to an auction you know they can be pretty boring. No TV audience is ever going to watch this unless you spruce it up!

How many lockers do they go through for example before they find something interesting? How come other buyers never seem to win a locker? Barry for example never seems to make money!

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  1. None of the so called reality shows are real, except for maybe survivor. These guys actually lose weight on the show so it has to be difficult

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