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Peabody’s Palm Springs

We recently visited Peabody’s restaurant in Palm Springs for Peabody's Palm Springsbreakfast the other day. Peabody’s is located at 134 South Palm Canyon Drive in the center of downtown Palm Springs.  It is a good location and when we walk past this particular restaurant in the mornings it is always busy. Some patrons will be enjoying a traditional breakfast, while others will have something fancy, and still, and others will be enjoying an early lunch with a cold beer. They have tables along the sidewalk against the building and also on the sidewalk close to the curb, so you can take your pick of where you want to sit.

Peabody’s Palm Springs – Great Breakfasts

Make no mistake it is a sidewalk cafe, with really great food and a nice atmosphere.  We decided to split the breakfast which most restaurants have no problem with. I ordered an extra coffee and the breakfast came with an extra plate. Everything was fine until breakfast arrived.

We like our eggs fully cooked with the yellow part just a bit runny and the white part firmly cooked. One egg was cooked perfectly, and of course, this is the one that I received. The other one still had runny egg white and this is the one my wife received. She is even pickier than I am when it comes to egg whites being well cooked. We explained to the waiter what the problem was and he said no problem and went off to order another egg.

Confusing Service

Meanwhile, my wife sat there while the toast got cold and the potatoes also got cold. The new egg finally came and it was cooked properly, but now everything else was cold. We tried to explain our frustration with this and to their credit they ordered an entirely new breakfast for us.

So while it was a bit frustrating at first with the food quality and the service,  the restaurant came through with both service and food. They were happy to help us and did their best to make sure that our meal was enjoyable and tasty!

Our Recommendation for Peabody’s Restaurant in Palm Springs

We would definitely recommend Peabody’s restaurant in Palm Springs for breakfast and based on the service we received, for any other meal as well although we have not tried other meals at this particular restaurant.

It is always crowded in the mornings around breakfast time and not so much later on, so obviously, other people besides ourselves feel that they serve great meals during this time. If you have been there, let us know what you think with your comments. We are looking for well-written comments and not just links with no information for our readers.

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