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Irish Golfer – Rory McIlroy

Irish Golfer - Rory McIlroyNorthern Ireland Irish Golfer  – Rory McIlroy has become a house hold name. He is recognized virtually around the world now that he has beaten Tiger Woods in Florida. We decided to include this story about him on this blog because it shows just how far Ireland has come, particularly Northern Ireland.  Thirty years ago, with Ireland tied up in the troubles, it is unlikely that a guy like Rory McIlroy would ever have had the opportunity let alone the chance to play golf.

He was able to maintain his concentration and his consistency throughout the event. He beat Tiger by two strokes over all. This was the best final round of golf Tiger has shot since his marriage troubles. He shot a 62 on the final round, but that was not enough to beat Rory McIlroy who shot a 69 on the final round. That is what we mean by being consistent throughout the match. This is tantamount to the level of concentration that he was able to show.

Irish Golfer – Rory McIlroy – In the Limelight

He now gets to bask in the notoriety of being famous in the United States as well as in Ireland. With the prize money he has received from this match and the endorsements that will be coming his way, Rory McIlroy will become a very rich man if he is not already. In fact one of his friends indicated that he already has a million dollars in his account and adding more all of the time. He is 22 years old. Will he have the strength to retain his control. Or will he fall by the way side like so many other famous people with a lot of money?

Only time will tell of course, however all indications are that  he is off to a good start. You cannot go out and party all night and then show up for a golf game and win against Tiger Woods. He appears to be focused and knows what he wants to accomplish. It is a great achievement for Rory McIlroy and also for Northern Ireland. We hope and pray he surrounds himself with really good advisers and not yes men. Just as important, we hope and pray that he listens to these people to maintain his game and his focus.

Stay Focused

You just have to look at Tiger Woods to know what happens when you go off the rails and you have a bunch of yes men who are afraid of losing their jobs. They will not tell you really what they think or what you should do, because they are afraid of the consequences. It is up to Rory McIlroy to listen and consider their advice. This is so important in all of our lives. Sales people will tell you what they think you want to hear. It is up to us to figure out on our own what is right and not right for our own lives.

The only person you can really trust is yourself. It is so important to stay on course and focused on your goals and objectives. Other wise everything suffers including your golf game in Rory’s case or especially in Tiger’s situation. At a certain point in a career, you have to trust people to do the right thing, however like all good managers, establish regular check points and reviews to ensure that your objectives are being met. This is the best advice that can be given. Also listen to what other people have to say and them make your own informed decision.

Leave us your comments and let us know what you think about our point of view and what Irish Golfer – Rory McIlroy has accomplished with his golf?

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