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News Twitter FeedThis page is totally dedicated to providing a running news source of all of the posts that we have written over the years. In fact our news twitter feed will show you a random feed of postsĀ  with links to our various web sites. We constantly update our posts and we also add new posts every week. Check them out from time to time!

These posts cross a broad subject matter and you will see something different every day so check back often to read up on the latest posts about a variety of topics.

News Twitter Feed

As of this update we now have over 1100 followers and growing every day. It is pretty amazing that we have this number of followers and that people also retweet some of our tweets. We feel it says a lot about what consumers want to read about.

If you see something that peeks your interest or you want to know something more about, just let us know and we will do the research and tweet a new post about that subject. This is a long term project of ours and something we care about. We love to write about various subjects and we also learn in the process.

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