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Dealing with Allergies at Hotels is Getting Better

Dealing with allergies at hotels is getting better when you are staying at hotels these days. Many hotels have recognized that there is a large percentage of the population that is dealing with allergies at most times of the year and they are going after this market.

If you are a traveler and suffer from allergies, don’t forget to ask for the following when you make your reservation, depending on your personal allergy situation:

  • Non smoking room
  • No pets
  • Foam pillows
  • Hypo – Allergenic room ( some hotels are now offering this feature)
  • Special foods
  • Other items that are personal in nature

Dealing with Allergies at Hotels is Getting Better

Again, don’t forget to re-enforce these requests when you check in. On occasion, the original request will not get sent to the check in clerk from the reservation desk, or they are out of your desired room and they just put you in any old room.

Non Smoking Rooms

We have also been in situations were we had requested a non smoking room and found ourselves on a smoking floor in a room that had been smoked in. Obviously the clerk was not paying attention or not on the ball. We had to move rooms and we demanded a discount for our troubles. Many hotels will offer discounts on the room rate or a free meal in these situations.

The hotels are also seeing the advantage of going to non smoking rooms throughout the hotel due to the cost savings they receive on not having to clean the remains of smokers ashes and smells. Lets face it , smokers are not that clean, they leave their ashes and cigarette buts everywhere and it all becomes a filthy mess. If they are forced to smoke outside, at least it is outside and not inside a hotel room were the hotel has to pay for cleaning.

Hampton Inn 100% Guarantee

Hampton Inns also have their 100% satisfaction guarantee as well which is well worth taking advantage of if you are not satisfied. We have taken advantage of this on several occasions that were legitimate issues.

Pet Friendly Hotels

This is another market that the hotels are catering to, however for anyone with allergies to pet dander, it can be a night mare. You cannot tell if you have been in a room previously occupied by a pet, yet you are reacting to the dander and have a miserable night. We just stay away from these hotels and do not give them our business!

Hypo-Allergenic Rooms

Some of the larger chains are beginning to offer these kinds of rooms to travelers. They are charging more for the rooms, but it can be worth it to get a good nights sleep. No smoke, no pets, no perfume of any kind, no deodorizer and odor free cleaning agents. If you are allergic to any of these items you may want to consider this kind of room.

Unfortunately the smaller hotels and motels do not offer this type of room. Although they generally do offer non smoking rooms. Dealing with allergies at hotels is getting better. For more posts about hotel service, click here.

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