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Ontario Liberals Win Again

The incumbent Ontario Liberals received a slap on the wrist from voters, being reduced from a majority to a minority government with voter turnout at only 47.6%, the lowest in history. This is the 3rd term for the Ontario liberals and it is unfortunate that the Ontario voters allowed this to occur, however the conservatives can only blame themselves.

Ontario Liberals – Ready to Make a Change

The Ontario electors were ready to make a change, however with a lackluster campaign by Mr. Hudak and his party, the voting public decided they wanted to vote for the party they knew even with the lies of Premier McGuinty! But they did not give him a majority! At least we got that right so that the liberals will not be able to increases our taxes easily. With the NDP and Conservatives controlling the votes, we should actually get some good governing from this next Ontario provincial  government.

Meanwhile  Mr. Hudak and his team can gain some experience. When they are ready along with the support of the NDP, arrange for another election to be called. Hopefully this time, the conservatives will be ready with a much better campaign and more solid messages to the voting public.

Discouraged with Conservatives

Many people were so discouraged with the conservatives lackluster campaign they did not even bother voting. Only 47% turned out and this is apparently a historic low for Ontario. I blame this also on the conservatives for not providing a solid message. Also not working hard enough to get voters that supported them out to the polls.

Perhaps they will have learned this lesson as well and apply a better approach in the next campaign!

Even in local Ottawa, the population stayed predominantly liberal. Of course the civil servants in Ottawa who are the primary voters traditionally vote liberal. Tthese governments have treated them better in past years. They are not about to change now. The city council and the mayor are also supporters of the liberal cause.

Wins for the Liberals locally in the Ottawa region include: Dalton McGuinty – liberal leader, Bob Chiarelli- former Ottawa mayor, Madeleine Meilleur, Phil McNeely, Yasir Naqvi, and newcomer Grant Crack. For the P.C.s: Lisa McLeod, John Yakabuski, Steve Clark, Randy Hillier, and newcomers Jack MacLaren and Jim McDonnell.

There is still hope for Ontario, with a Conservative / NDP team to keep the extravagant liberals in check. Comments? For more about the Ontario Election, click here.

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