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Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant

Buffalo Wild Wings RestaurantBuffalo Wild Wings Restaurant is part of a chain of restaurants in the United States. We happened to visit the Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant in Bullhead city , Arizona. The address is 2040 Highway 95, Bullhead City, AZ 86442. It is up on a bit of hill along highway 95, which runs through Bullhead. Many people chose to sit inside, however we sat outside on the patio and enjoyed the view of the mountains and the Colorado River.

Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant – Comments

We visited there several times and really enjoyed the ice cold beer and the chicken wings which is what they are known for, as their name suggests. They have many different styles of wings with a variety of dips and rubs that will appeal to just about anyone. In fact these are among the best wings we have had at any restaurant. While they are generally not good for you from a health perspective, they sure taste good. Every time we went at lunch time to this restaurant, it was full and many people were also taking advantage of the take out service.

We only went here at lunch time, so cannot report what it is like in the evening. We think that it is probably busy at that time as well. They have lunch time specials as well as evening specials, so make sure you check these out and save yourself a little bit of money as well.

Sit out on the Patio

We sat out on the patio in the shade. In fact the restaurant was full at lunch time, while no one was on the patio. We could not understand this and mentioned it to the waitress. Even though it was 80 F, most people will sit inside and watch the sports on the big screen TV’s. We found this to be a pleasurable place to go for a quick lunch and a beer.

Apparently this restaurant,  Buffalo Wild Wings is part of a chain and has places in many cities across the US. We will definitely be going to this location again sometime in the future. We also want to visit some of the locations around the US.


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