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OHIP and Government Bureaucracy

OHIP and Government BureaucracyI decided to write a blog about what we are going through as a family dealing with what we hope will eventually be a hip replacement for my wife. As I write this she is having severe pain in her hip and we are starting the process of having it assessed with the expectation that she will eventually need a hip replacement, but then we are getting ahead of ourselves. This situation first of course must be diagnosed and get into the health care system so that her hip can be assessed and then the proper corrective action taken. OHIP and Government Bureaucracy will ensure that this process is long. We hope the solution is a hip replacement and not something far worse.

We hope that our friends south of the border read this blog and can avoid the significant delays and extra pain that patients experience in Canada, particularly in the province of Ontario. Our health care is covered, so we cannot go broke, but we do have to wait a long time before solutions to our health issues are resolved. I am going to track the appointments and elapsed time so that readers can appreciate just how much time is involved in our situation. We are also going to attempt to be proactive and expedite appointments etc where and when we can. OHIP and Government Bureaucracy has its plus and negatives.

OHIP and Government Bureaucracy – Time Line


Date Elapsed time Description Action Comments
July 15,2014  It Begins 1st visit to Dr request xRay
July, 2014 Xray results suggests minor arthritis Try Physio
Various At least 10 visits to Physio some initial improvement
Nov 19,2014  123 days Pain getting much worse, patient requests MRI Doctor’s office to Fax to MRI clinic, cannot call or speak to clinic Frustrated
Dec 1,2014  135 days Visited Montfort MRI clinic, they have no record of any request Called doctors office, left msg, he returned call, his office will check tomorrow to see what is going on and refax request Really frustrated
 Dec 2, 2014  136 days

Doctor’s office called to indicate fax had been  resent to clinic

 Checked with Clinic, fax again not received. Receptionist promised to follow up and did, confirm another fax sent and received. Now must wait for triage and scheduling, expect a week and a half further wait.  Really really frustrated, can go on cancellation list.
 Dec 5,2014  139 days  MRI clinic called  Booked appointment for Jan 11th, Sunday night, over 1 month away. Asked to be on a cancellation wait list, confirm next week  At least it is now scheduled
 Dec 5, 2014  139 days  Physio  Technician feels that physio is not working, suggests stopping physio, wait for MRI  Alarming
 Dec 10, 2014  144 days  MRI Clinic Called  Wait list paid off, she is scheduled today for the MRI, a 30 day improvement  Feeling Better
 Jan 3, 2015  168 days  MRI Scheduling Called  We received a call from a scheduling clerk regarding the first request, which had been sitting on her desk for sometime while she was on vacation!  Frustrated, very poor management, who was back filling?
 Jan 3, 2015  168 Days  MRI Scheduling called  I filled her in on the status. she was able to tell us that the test results were received on Dec 10, that the report was prepared on Dec 12, and mailed Dec 15. Now why has our doctor not called?? We call him on Monday  Some doctors have auto fax, ours apparently does not, otherwise he would have already had the results and called us.
 Jan 6, 2015  171 Days

 Called Doctor to make an Appointment

 1st day they are open after the holidays, have MRI report  Appointment scheduled for Jan 8, 2015
Jan 13,2015 178 days doctor indicated test results showed mild arthritis and mild joint deterioration, no action needed to be taken, prescribed anti inflammatory which have significant side effects Asked to be referred to specialist Expect a long wait time
May 15, 2015  304 days Called doctors office to follow up, asked to resend fax to hospital
July 5,2015  357 days Finally received call to go to hospital for an assessment
July 13,2015 365 days  Xrays and physio therapist assessment Will be referred to surgeon, another wait of approximately 2 months
 Oct 23,2015  Too Many Days  Met the surgeon finally. Operation probably in 3 months.  Ultra sound guided steroid injection will take 2 months, going to a private clinic in less than a week
May 2016 Too Many Days Met the surgeon again. Operation probably in 3 months towards the end of Sept. On a wait list
June 1, 2016 Too Many Days Phone call from hospital. Another patient cancelled Wait list paid off
June 10 Too Many Days Operation takes place Three days in the hospital. Good care, Physio and recovery will take 6 weeks  Need lots of support to recover

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