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Often Overlooked Camping Accessories You Better Bring On Your Next Trip

On almost every camping trip you arrive at the campgrounds and then suddenly you remember that you forgot something. By the time you realize you don’t have the camping accessory with you, it’s much too late to ever turn back. This means either spending more money at some very expensive gas station or be angry for days on end. We have put together a list of Often Overlooked Camping Accessories.

Here are some of the most forgotten accessories for camping. These items may be small in comparison to what you are thinking right now. But they can also make all the difference in how efficiently your camping trip pans out.

Extra Batteries

Most often than not, we grab a flashlight and even check that it works but we don’t test how much energy is left in the batteries. I can’t tell you the number of times we took an old, beat up radio into the woods, only to remember we forgot to pack the batteries. Needless to say, we ended up without any music or access to weather conditions, and that could have been a disaster.

Can Opener

Unless you are packing only food that is instant-made, you will want to bring along one of these with the rest of your cutlery. Let me tell you, this could mean the difference between continuing your camping vacation, your can opener serves as a lid cutter necessary to make lunch and dinner. Often you can borrow one from other campers.

Often Overlooked Camping Accessories You Better Bring On Your Next Trip

Full Size Lantern

Once again, unless you are camping under the stars in the moonlight, you will need to have a lantern. Yet, this is a commonly forgotten camping accessory. I believe this is most likely due to the fact we are usually leave our homes in the daylight, and don’t think about night conditions.

First-Aid Kit

Remember to choose a first-aid kit based on how many people you’ll be camping with. Make sure that it contains an easy-to-follow instruction book. It should contain items like bandages, insect sting and/or bite kits, moleskin, and first-aid ointment.

Sleeping pad

Camping sleeping pads provide a layer between you and the rocky ground, they also help to insulate you and keep you warmer. Choose a camping sleeping pad based on the climate. Choose it based on whether you’ll be backpacking or car camping. You can take an inflatable air mattresses (they are comfortable and definitely provide insulation). They are also bulky and are difficult to hike with. Foam pads provide better insulation than air mattresses and are still relatively inexpensive and light. In particular closed-cell foam is a great insulator and is very durable.

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