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Newlywed Camping

Newlywed CampingThe subject of newlywed camping may seem like an unlikely subject for a blog post, however it is actually a common thing to do for many newly weds. This is a great way to get to know one another and experience the great outdoors together.  Camping also does not cost a lot. It allows people to get away and relax with nature without spending a ton of money. The reason that we thought that we would write about this subject is that this is something that my daughter and her new husband have been doing for two years now and it seems to be working for them, so I thought I would write about what I have observed as a father.

Having a Large Tent

The first thing is that you really must have a large enough tent to keep all of your stuff inside it, except for the food of course. You do not want any nocturnal visitors in the middle of the night. Having a large enough tent gives space for everyone and allows you to enjoy the entire experience without being so confined that you feel you need to get up as soon as you wake up.

They also have all of the gear they need in terms of sleeping bags for summer time use. Cooler for their food and of course utensils. They prefer to have a regular fire to cook things instead of one of those Coleman stoves that many people have. They are fair weather campers, so if it is going to rain they either do not go or they head home pretty quickly. If they camped in the rain, I guess a Coleman stove would be a good asset to also have as well.

Camping With Friends

It is getting tough for them to go camping with friends. There were several couples that went with them, each with their own tents and gear, however it is now time to have babies and camping with a new baby can be a bit difficult. I think that when the baby is a year old they are going to try camping one night to see how it goes. None of the other couples have gone camping yet with their kids.

Once the kids get older, I am sure they will be camping a lot, since this is such a fun pass time for the entire family.

Visiting the Camp Site

We have visited them several times at their camp sites. They usually only camp an hour away so it is a nice drive for us and we can still get home to our nice comfy beds for the night.

They have not progressed beyond hot dogs and hamburg for meals, toast and cereal for breakfast. I guess they will get there as they become more experienced campers. I hope so since I really do not want to always have hot dogs or hamburg when we visit.

Well that is all I have, I know they have fun and they will be camping some more in the near future as soon as their baby is old enough. If you have had experiences with camping with a new born, please add your comments. I know that I will be interested as will our readers.

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  1. we went camping as newlyweds and a large tree branch fell down on our picnic table in the middle of our breakfast. This was the last time we ever went camping. sold all of our stuff. my wife only wants to stay in hotels now and nice ones as well. So we do not travel that much any more.

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