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National Do not call list

National Do not call listThe National Do not call list is one way to reduce spam calls that we all get from time to time. But does it really work? Well the answer appears to be partially. We still get a lot of calls from people trying to sell us various things. These include the usually duct cleaning services, rug cleaning services, lawn services etc. These are not too bad except when they call at dinner time and interrupt your meal with your family. This is probably what ticks most people off. As soon as you know that it is one of these companies, most people will just hang up and that is the end of it.

National Do not call list – How to get on it

Many of you will already know this, however if you want to register your number on the “do not call list”, you can go to the following site to register your number so that those annoying telemarketing calls will decrease. They will not be eliminated, but they should decrease.

Here is the link

You can also call 1-866-580-3625

National Do not call list – Report them

If you still get calls from companies, you have several choices. These include just hanging up on them which works very well. You can also threaten to report them. They usually hang up immediately since they know that there is no chance of a sale. They do not want to get reported. The third approach is just answer the phone, listen for a minute and then set the phone down without hanging up. They will continue talking giving their sales pitch until they realize there is no one there and then they will hang up. They have taken up your time so why should you not also do the same thing to them.

Don’t forget to hang your phone up since as long as it is off hook you will not get any calls. Most people will glance at the incoming number on the screen and if they do not recognize it, they will just not answer it.

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