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Getting enough sleep

Getting enough sleepApparently none of us get enough sleep according to statisticians who measure such things. We routinely miss an hour or so of sleep without even trying. We squeeze the number o f hours available for sleep and many of us suffer from insomnia as well which causes many people to obtain insufficient sleep. Most of us worry about work, about families or issues that we are facing in our lives. If we miss sleep on a regular basis it can have an impact on our daily lives in some cases catastrophic.

Consumers are going about their daily business without getting enough sleep endangering their lives while operating machines as well as not performing as well as they should at routine jobs. When we lack sleep we are unable to concentrate as well and it is difficult to perform difficult or complex tasks. Our memories also suffer, sometimes even making it difficult to remember things that just happened to us. Short term memory loss is the first go with many people unable to remember names of people they just met or details of a meeting for example.

Getting enough sleep and Operating Machinery

When it comes to operating machinery, it can become quite dangerous. Whether it is your car or a construction machine, lack of focus, lack of attention or even falling asleep while operating a machine can create a dangerous situation for yourself as well as those around you. We know of one case where a man was so tired from lack of sleep that he would fall asleep while driving his car when he was waiting for the light to change at a stop light. Fortunately for him and people around him, his wife always drove with him and made sure he woke up at the right time. By the way she could not drive since she did not have a drivers license.

Getting Enough Sleep

If you fit into any of these examples or are having trouble getting sufficient sleep there are a number of steps to take that can help. We have listed them here, in no particular order since what works for one person may not work for the next person. Try them all for a period of time until you are sure you are getting the sleep you need. Here we go:

  • Go to bed at the same time every night
  • Read or watch something that is boring and does not stimulate you before going to bed
  • Do not watch TV in bed
  • Avoid watching TV in the middle of night
  • Do not turn on your smart phone during the night
  • Leave your smart phone in another room
  • Avoid eating a meal before going to bed
  • Establish routine so that your body expects to sleep at the same time
  • Avoid coffee and caffeine in the afternoon and evening

Let us know if you have steps that work for you in terms of helping you get enough sleep. For more information about sleep issues, click here.



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