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All Inclusive Puerto Vallarta Vacations

All Inclusive Puerto Vallarta VacationsTaking All Inclusive Puerto Vallarta Vacations  is one way to spend a week or two in this sunny vacation resort on Banderas Bay in Mexico. The best time to go is in the winter from January to May, when the sun shines and every day is hot. Other parts of the year have more rain and it may not be what you are looking for in terms of a vacation.

Stay at one of the all inclusive Puerto Vallarta vacation resorts right on the water to fully enjoy all that Mexico has to offer. Patrons can swim in the ocean or lounge by the pool. They can play volleyball and take in other sports offered by the hotel and fully enjoy their vacation. Of course you can also just relax in the sun with a cool drink as well if you wish.

All Inclusive Puerto Vallarta Vacations – Resorts

Most of the all inclusive Puerto Vallarta vacations resorts are just a bus ride away from downtown Puerto Vallarta. The buses run all day long up to approximately 10pm. If you decide to stay downtown after 10pm, you will have to take a taxi home. They are not expensive and pick up at all of the regular spots along the downtown area. As with all cities, tourists should be careful, know where they are going and watch their wallets and their purses. Puerto Vallarta is no worse and no different from all other cities around the world.

Your hotel can also make arrangements for you to take excursions out on the bay, into the mountains and to the tequila plantations that abound in the area. Most hotels will have easy pickup right at their premises, while for some excursions you may have to take a bus or taxi to meet up with them. Many fishing excursions are also available from the marina area. Fishing is a great past time and you can take most of your catches to the local restaurant where they will prepare your meal from the catch you made;

This is a great place to go for your all inclusive Puerto Vallarta vacations.


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