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Logan’s Roadhouse Restaurant

Logan's Roadhouse RestaurantWe have just come back from Logan’s Roadhouse Restaurant, in Cookeville Tennessee. This is the second time we have been to a Logan’s roadhouse and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Large 20 ounce draft beer for three dollars, a combination meal of ribs and steak along with baked potato and Caesar salad for $19 large enough for two people to share it easily and great entertainment. It is Sunday night and all the screens are showing the NFL football games. Apparently Payton Manning just beat Tom Brady!

Logan’s Roadhouse Restaurant – Meeting People

20140119-191207.jpgThere are always lots of characters at any of the roadhouses that we have been to. In this case the person sitting at the bar is a woman, probably in her 70s wearing cowboy boots and a Texas style hat. She’s enjoying herself, having a drink, and a meal and quite comfortable sitting at the bar. By the way she enjoys football because she’s pretty intent on watching the game. The bartenders are very friendly, and helpful when they have the time. That is the one thing about these bars is that they are usually pretty busy with lots of people. They are a popular place to go regardless of what city we seem to be in. Our perfect combination is a Hampton Inn and a roadhouse next door preferably a Texas Roadhouse or a Logans Roadhouse.

20140119-191333.jpg We spoke to the manager of this particular restaurant who wanted to know where we were from and what we were doing passing through. We had a long conversation and enjoyed talking with her. She actually has relatives in Quebec. After our meal was finished she gave us a desert on the house. No calories but fabulous, lol.

This was graham cracker base with a light creamy pudding with whip cream on the top covered in Carmel sauce. If you ever have a chance to try Logan’s roadhouse, anywhere in the states don’t miss the opportunity it’s a great place to spend an evening. A great way to end our evening.

Tomorrow we are on our way to Memphis Tennessee and then on to Tunica Mississippi.


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