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Kim Kardashian’s Marriage

Kim Kardashian's MarriageWe cannot help but be drawn to the Kardashian mess. It is just so outrageous that the news channels and the gossip columns just cannot get enough. They do not even have to make it up , the Kardashians provide it for free. The latest of course is the wedding and the subsequent divorce which is now making the rounds. Lately she is pregnant with another man and still married to Chris Humpfries. The Kardashians are simply white trash who unfortunately made it big.

Kim Kardashian’s Marriage

We think that Saturday Night Live got it right with their skit, when her ex-husband was quoted as saying, ” When you are living in Minnisota and raising kids, you will not need to worry about your reality show and clothes lines” or something to that effect. That line would scare almost any women away, let alone someone like Kim. We do not know if he actually said that or not, probably not. However it is pretty close to reality and something similar probably went through Kim’s mind and she suddenly realized that this marriage was not for her.

She needs someone that will be part of her plastic lifestyle and be with her as her looks fade away. Kim has maybe another two years before she fades into oblivion and she had better make good now, find a guy she can live with and who will support her in the lifestyle she has become accustomed to. We wish him well and good luck, he will need it.

Rob is the Only Bright Light

The only real bright light that we can see in this entire family at the moment is Rob Kardashian. He is on Dancing with the stars and actually doing well. Rob is trying and working hard which is much more than his sister did and has gained a great deal of respect as a result. He has gone from a non dancer to someone who is a contender for the finals in Dancing with Stars. This is a significant achievement with all of the competition there is on that show.

This is going to be a short post, since it is really not worth spending too much time on something that only makes a negative contribution to society. Rob there is hope for you and we hope you make your own quality mark on the world and get away from the mess that your sisters have created.

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