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Is this the end of Duck Dynasty

the end of Duck DynastyThe recent controversy surrounding the patriarch of the Robertson clan, host of the reality show Duck Dynasty, has created a firestorm of comments across the country. In one interview he managed to alienate many segments of society based on his religious views. We are wondering if this is the end of Duck Dynasty?

While there is freedom of speech and freedom of religion in the country, there is also a civil way to living in our society where we don’t have to alienate many people. Apparently he made comments against blacks as well as gays which are really uncalled for in the writer’s mind and totally unnecessary. At the same time A&E host of the duck dynasty reality show had to know about this interview and had to know what this client stands for when they signed up to do this reality show.

The End of Duck Dynasty – Share the Blame

They are as much to blame as the patriarch of the Robertson clan and all of the rednecks that support his comments.

What is even more unsettling, is the number of people who I stepped up to support him and his comments. They are doing so standing behind free speech and free religious views but not really taking into account the specifics of what he said. This is the trouble with many reality shows in that it demonstrates the worst of our society.

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