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Hiking on the Art Smith trail Palm Springs

Hiking on the Art Smith trail Palm SpringsWe were hiking on the Art Smith trail Palm Springs the other day. It starts off of Highway 74, in Palm Desert and heads across a drainage reservoir, and then almost straight up on a well-defined trail. Eleven miles in length with a number of oases’ along the way that you can stop at to take a short break, rest a bit, or grab a quick bite.

We only made it to the second oasis, which was about 3 miles. That was enough for us. It was almost 80 degrees with no breeze at all. We found that with the sun beating down on us, it gets quite warm.

Hiking on the Art Smith trail Palm Springs – Water

We had lots of water with us and we cannot stress this enough for anyone hiking in the desert. Always take water with you and always take more than you think you will need. It does not take long to get dehydrated in the desert and that just brings serious problems if you have no one to help you.

20130217-164730.jpgThe Art Smith Trail is a great hike with lots of scenery and beautiful views of the valley. Take your time, take pictures, and take extra water with you always to ensure an enjoyable day. Oh, and don’t forget a hat as well as sunscreen to make your day more enjoyable!

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