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Hiking in Palm Springs

hiking in Palm SpringsWe really enjoy hiking in Palm Springs and the area around Palm Springs. These are pictures taken at various places around Palm Springs. This trail is about 11 miles long in one direction. It is considered a challenging trail to take for many people. The portion shown in the picture is pretty flat. However this was after we had been hiking for an hour and climbed probably a thousand feet in elevation. On a hot day this trail can be pretty challenging. Always bring lots of water with you to avoid getting dehydrated.

Hiking in Palm Springs

A beautiful day for hiking, with little wind and some cloud, however we were very hot with the 75 degree temperatures in February 2013. If you decide to go hiking in late spring or summer, sun screen , lots of water, and even a snack is mandatory. People have died due to lack of water, even on some of the short trails that are available. There are fewer people hiking during these times so there is les chance someone will find you if you are hiking alone!

hiking in Palm SpringsThis was another picture  below that was taken on the same day in Whitewater canyon overlooking the Coachella valley.  Beautiful views with at least a 50 mile distance to the other side of the valley. In this picture, there is Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Cathedral City and Palm Springs in the far distance. The views are fantastic, the air is clear and clean and the hiking is healthy and exhilarating.  If you are in the Palm Springs area this is a great sport to take on and it costs virtually nothing.

There are over 100 trails that are available for hiking in the area. Some are well maintained, most are not monitored. You really should tell someone where you are going, when you will be back and always hike with a partner to ensure that in case of injuries, there is someone to help. Take lots of water  with you, more than what you think you might need.

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