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Healthy Fast Food Trends

Healthy Fast Food TrendsA 2014 report on healthy fast food trends and eating from research firm Technomic Inc. found that 58% of consumers think it is important to eat healthy food and pay attention to nutrition. This is an increase from earlier studies and reflects an ongoing trend among customers of fast-food restaurants. They want to be able to enjoy their food without breaking the diet they have been working on for so long. They do not want to feel guilty for eating something that will be high in calories, cholesterol, and salt.

The fast-food companies are beginning to slowly respond by first all listing the calories against menu items (they actually have to do this by law in many states). They are introducing new menu items that are heart-healthy and diet healthy. As these menu items increase, consumers can take advantage of these new items and still go with the family to a fast food outlet.

Healthy Fast Food Trends

Consumers can also cut back on regular fast food items in other ways while still enjoying their favorite fast food items. We have found that instead of super-sizing items we downsize instead. For example a small fry instead of medium or large fries. A small burger such as a slider is another example. In some cases, you can also split meals or portions of meals. We always split fries to decrease the amount of salt and high cholesterol fats that we eat.

Other meals that are more easily split such as a Chipotle bowl can significantly reduce both calories and salt. There is a debate right now about how healthy Chipotle actually is and there are ways to control this as well.

Eliminate all of the sauces, the special sauce, the guacamole, the sour creams, mustard, catchup, etc. There is lots of fat and salt in these items. Although you may miss some of your favorite taste enhancers, it is a great way to reduce the total amount of calories. Improve or reduce your salt and fat intake by decreasing your overall intake. Once you get used to these fast food items without the salt and sauces, these foods actually taste great.

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