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Does Early Retirement Cause Early Death

Does Early Retirement Cause Early DeathSome studies apparently confirm that the answer is yes to the question, Does early retirement cause early death? However, there are always caveats to studies. From what we have read, we conclude that people who retire early and experience early death were not that healthy in the first place. They may also be decreased or did not continue with an active lifestyle. They may never have had an active lifestyle in the first place. All of the studies seem to confirm that your level of activity pre retirement and post retirement play a large part on whether you are going to live a long healthy and high quality retired life.

Does Early Retirement Cause Early Death

Staying active means some form of exercise, whether it is walking, golf, biking, swimming, etc. Get the heart rate up and keep your cardiovascular system exercised. This is one of the primary pillars of avoiding an early death.

Next, you need to have interesting things to do. Spend time on your hobbies whatever they are. You need a reason to wake up in the morning and it may be one specific thing or you may have so many hobbies that there are not enough hours in the day. By the way, when you are 65 or 70 and still working, you might just consider this a hobby as well unless you have to work to make ends meet.

The third pillar of an enjoyable retirement is social interaction. Friends and family are important to your life well being. Some people naturally have friends and family around them while others need to work at it. Some will get their social interaction from working or volunteering. Whatever it is get out and talk to people.

A friend once said to me that he gets up in the morning and watches the grass grow. Talk about a boring thing to do! He is doing better now that he is getting involved with his grandchildren and spending a lot of time with family. He still needs to work on the activity and hobby areas, but he is making progress! Give yourself time to adjust to retirement and focus on these three pillars to ensure an enjoyable healthy long retirement.

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