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Diet and Cancer Symptoms

Diet and Cancer Symptoms - An Aspirin a Day - Cancer ReductionOften diet is linked to various cancers, however in many cases there are far less significant issues that may be causing your symptoms. There are a variety of diet and cancer symptoms that are related. Regardless you should have them checked out and assessed by a doctor. If they are disregarded by your doctor and still the symptoms continue or get worse you may even want to get a second assessment from another doctor. Don’t wait or delay following up on symptoms that could be the cause of future cancer.

We recently read an article about possible diet and cancer symptoms and we felt that it would be important to repeat them here in an abbreviated version. Like we said get a doctor’s opinion if you experience any of these symptoms. You may need a biopsy which the doctor will order to properly assess the situation.

Diet and Cancer Symptoms

Cancer Symptom . 1: Breast Mass

Any new mass in the breast area of a man needs to be checked out by a physician,”

Here are several other worrisome signs involving the breast that men as well as women should take note of. They include:

  • Skin dimpling or puckering
  • Nipple retraction
  • Redness or scaling of the nipple or breast skin
  • Nipple discharge

The doctor may order a mammogram, a biopsy, or other tests.

Cancer Symptom  No. 2: Pain

Persistent pain should be checked out by your physician.  If it’s not cancer, you will still benefit from the visit to the office.

Cancer Symptom  No. 3: Changes in the Testicles

Testicular cancer occurs most often in men aged 20 to 39. Men should get a testicular exam by a doctor as part of a routine cancer-related checkup and everyone should learn how to do a monthly self-exam.

Cancer Symptom No. 3: Changes in the Testicles continued…

Change in the size of the testicles, such as growth or shrinkage, swelling or a lump should be checked out. A feeling of heaviness in the scrotum should also be addressed. Early detection is especially crucial to ensure your continued good health.

Cancer Symptom  No. 4: Changes in the Lymph Nodes

If you notice a lump or swelling in the lymph nodes under your armpit or in your neck — or anywhere else –have it checked out by a doctor. There are lymph nodes all over your body and any that become swollen and painful need to be assessed.

Cancer Symptom  No. 5: Fever

An unexplained fever, could also be a sign of pneumonia or some other illness that needs treatment or it can also indicate cancer. Infections will cause a fever as will some cancers.

Cancer Symptom  No. 6: Weight Loss Without Trying

Most of us would like to lose weight, however id you lose weight without trying, over a short period, you may want to have a physical. It is unusual for any man or women to lose weight that fast without trying.

Cancer Symptom  No. 7: Gnawing Abdominal Pain and Depression

Any time you have a pain in the abdomen and are feeling depressed you needs to have a checkup. Experts have found a link between depression and pancreatic cancer. Other symptoms can include jaundice or a change in the stool color, often a gray color.

Cancer Symptom  No. 8: Fatigue

Fatigue is another vague symptom that could point to cancer in men or  a host of other problems could cause it as well. Fatigue may occur early in cancers such as leukemia or with some colon or stomach cancers.

If you often feel extremely tired and it doesn’t get better with rest, check with your doctor.

Cancer Symptom  No. 9: Persistent Cough

Coughs are expected, of course, with colds, the flu, and allergies or even sometimes as a side effect of a medication. A very prolonged cough — defined as lasting more than three or four weeks — should not be ignored, and warrants a visit to the doctor. It could be a symptom of cancer, or it could indicate some other problem such as chronic bronchitis or acid reflux.

Cancer Symptom  No. 10: Difficulty Swallowing

Any time you have trouble swallowing it could be a sign of a GI cancer, such as cancer of the esophagus. If this continues over several weeks visit your doctor.

Cancer Symptom No. 11: Changes in the Skin

Changes in moles — a well-known sign of potential skin cancer — changes in skin pigmentation,  or suddenly developing bleeding on your skin or excessive scaling are reasons to check with your doctor after  several weeks.

Cancer Symptom  No. 12: Blood Where It Shouldn’t Be

Anytime you see blood coming from a body part where you’ve never seen it before, such as coughing or spitting up blood, have blood in the bowel, or blood in the urine, it’s time for a doctor visit.”

Cancer Symptom  No. 13: Mouth Changes

You need to be especially alert for any white patches inside your mouth or white spots on your tongue may indicate leukoplakia, a precancerous area that can occur with ongoing irritation. The condition can progress to oral cancer.

Cancer Symptom  No. 14: Urinary Problems

As men age, urinary problems become more frequent, the urge to urinate more often, a sense of urgency, and a feeling of not completely emptying the bladder.  If this condition persists, have it checked out.

Cancer Symptom No. 15: Indigestion

Persistent indigestion could point to cancer of the esophagus, throat, or stomach and should be reported to your doctor.

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