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Crab leg buffet at Beau Rivage

Crab leg buffet at Beau RivageThe Beau Rivage casino in Biloxi Mississippi is one of the best seafood buffets available. On Friday night, for the price of $30, you can experience an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet plus wine at your table. This includes a Crab leg buffet at Beau Rivage as well.

The picture above shows crab legs that are available at the seafood buffet on Friday night. In addition, you can have shrimp, salmon, fried catfish, and an assortment of other seafood. In addition, there are all of the other usual foods you would find at a buffet of this class. From prime rib to turkey, pizza, Chinese food, etc. along with the deserts this is a great buffet and good value for your money.

Crab leg buffet at Beau Rivage

Located in Biloxi Mississippi, at the end of Interstate 110, along the ocean, the Beau Rivage is a five-star hotel and is one of the best hotels in Biloxi and we can recommend this hotel and restaurants from personal experience.

There is ample free parking in the covered garage. It is also within walking distance of this particular hotel and easy walking distance to the beach. For anything else, you pretty much need your car to visit other activities in Biloxi.

One of those activities that we recommend is a visit to the Shed barbecue restaurant. If you enjoy delicious fall off the bone barbecued ribs, then this is the place to go. We have reviewed this particular restaurant in another post on this blog and provide instructions and information about this particular barbecue spot.

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