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Coffee Drinkers live Longer Big Study Finds

Recently the results of a large study were released. This study found that coffee tends to reduce inflammation. Which in turns causes our body to age if not kept in check. It has long been known that coffee will dehydrate a person’s body and this may be why inflammation in the body is reduced. Whether it is joints that are slightly inflamed or our organs, reducing the inflammation allows the body to recover and repair those areas. But can too much coffee also not be good for you? That is the question that many people are asking. Basically we think that common sense should apply.  The theme of our web site and our own life has been everything in moderation.

Coffee Drinkers live Longer Big Study Finds

Many people find drinking coffee or anything with caffeine in it will keep them up at night. Some feel that it irritates the lining of the stomach. Other folks just don’t like it and prefer tea or cola drinks.

Keeping with the everything in moderation theme why not only drink coffee in the morning and avoid it at night or late afternoon. If it bothers your stomach, try an alternate that has caffeine in it or have it with food to dilute the coffee. Try another type of drink to see if that works.

It may not work for everyone but if it shows that coffee drinkers live longer big study finds, then I am going to drink coffee in moderation at least to make sure that I am receiving some of the benefits. Of course the writer happens to like coffee as well, but only in the morning or early afternoon.



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