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Carolina In North rafting whitewater

Carolina In North rafting whitewaterNorth Carolina whitewater rafting offers exciting experiences for the outdoor enthusiasts. Several of the rivers are summarized for Carolina In North rafting whitewater:

The Nantahala is Western North Carolina’s most scenic river for whitewater rafting in the Smokies — eight miles of rugged mountain beauty interrupted by twenty stretches of Class II rapids, beginning with “Patton’s Run” and ending with the Class III beast, “Lesser Wesser.” While the “Nanny” is a river to be respected, it is not fearsome. Its rapids provide training for Olympic kayakers and thrills for paddlers from age 7 to 70 alike.

The French Broad River got its name because the river flowed north toward French owned land and because the river is so broad (wide). The main stem of the French Broad River is in Rosman, North Carolina. The French Broad River is one of two rivers that flows North in the United States. It flows 210 miles through Asheville, North Carolina, then north to Tennessee and into the Mississippi River and then into the Gulf of Mexico. The French Broad River is a free flowing river that includes plenty of small mouth bass and catfish. Which makes for a great day of fishing. The French Broad River is one of the oldest rivers with the Nile and New river predating the French Broad.

Carolina In North rafting whitewater

The North Carolina whitewater rafting French Broad River is a free flowing river with it’s headwaters high in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Rosman and Brevard NC. Flowing from the Devil’s Courthouse on the Blue Ridge Parkway, the French Broad River then flows to Asheville, NC before turning north and west toward Marshall, NC, Hot Springs, NC and Tennessee. Water levels vary throughout the season.

The French Broad River is a great NC rafting river. While not too wild for the novice, the French Broad River has plenty to offer the experienced rafter. The rapids range from class I to III on the half-day white water rafting trips, and from class I-IV on the full day NC rafting trip. These are small to medium sized rapids on the class I to VI classification scale. The white water rapids on the French Broad River are considered drop-pool type rapids. Typically the rapids consists of a drop with a calmer pool at the bottom of the rapid.

The float trip stretch of the French Broad River has beautiful scenery. A few rapids, and plenty of opportunity for swimming and floating. The float trip is a great way for families with small children (minimum age is 4 for the float trip) to enjoy some time together on a fantastic NC river. If you just want to have a relaxing and scenic float. The French Broad River float trip offers fantastic mountain scenery, fascinating history, and lots of splashing fun.

North Carolina In North rafting whitewater is blessed with a long whitewater rafting season. Here in the Southern Appalachians from mid-March to early November. And unlike the cold water of other rivers in Western North Carolina, the French Broad River is cool and inviting.

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