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California In Rafting whitewater

There is a wide range of California rafting whitewater trips available in California. Some suitable for children from 4 years, seniors and those with special needs. There is also some of the wildest whitewater in California. There is really thrills and challenges available for everyone. California In Rafting whitewater.

Particularly for a first time rafting trip, or if you have a larger group, err on the side of caution to ensure everyone has fun. Choosing the most suitable California Rafting trip or American River Rafting trip for your group can be a challenge. However if you focus on everyone having a good time and some excitement, everyone will be more than satisfied.

California In Rafting whitewater – Classes

Class one is usually the easiest and is acceptable for children, seniors and people with special needs. Class 2 is also easy and aimed at the beginner, first time whitewater rafters, groups , bachelor parties and is ok for non swimmers. The next level, Class 3 is intermediate or adventurous. It is generally aimed at people with previous experience, adventure Scout groups and usually requires good swimming ability. Class 4 requires class 3 requirements along with strong swimming ability. Class 5 is the most advanced and difficult of the whitewater rafting trips. It may require swim tests and you must have very strong swimming ability.

Nearly everyone can participate in a rafting trip at some level. Anyone with any medical condition, very overweight or in poor physical shape should always consult with their physician. Those with a heart condition or back problems should be particularly cautious. Each participant must fit into a life jacket with all buckles fastened. It is also important to let the guides know in advance about any conditions that may affect anyone from being fully able to participate to ensure your safety.

Outdoor activity involves risk. Accidents can happen. All participants will be required to sign an Assumption of Risk or Liability Release form prior to the trip.


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