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Biggest Loser weight loss

biggest loser Excess Weight Increases Risk of DeathThe biggest loser weight loss show was on again this week and they still have not brought back the contestants that did not make the show. I think they are going to introduce these people at some point. Maybe they are a shadow team that is working out with Bob and Jillian at another ranch somewhere. I hope so because those people really need the help. They were in worse shape than the people who made it onto the show. They really need to lose weight under a doctors care as well to make sure that they lose weight in a healthy manner and eat the right foods..

The show itself is sticking to the same old formula with one exception. People are still working out, puking their guts out, yelling and crying as they get into shape and try to lose weight. Can you imagine the pain they must be in. Every muscle in their bodies must hurt! There have been a couple times during my life when I have started to exercise after a prolonged period of no exercise. I was in pain for several days. Almost every muscle in my body ached for a week until I got over this period.

These are people on the biggest loser weight loss show who are overweight, have not exercised in a long time and suddenly they are doing aggressive exercise in an effort to burn calories. They have to be in extreme pain for at least a week. I cannot imagine how much. Anytime you use muscles that have not been stretched in awhile, they are going to hurt for several days after. This is going to be almost continuous pain for these people.

The Biggest Loser weight loss Weigh In

The variant so far this season seems to be focused around the weigh-in. Instead of the two bottom people being considered for removal from the show, there are 8 people that fall below the yellow line. In effect they are getting a second chance if they have a bad week and do not lose many pounds. If they do fall below the yellow line, the person who lost the most gets to pick one person to save from the group below the yellow line.

The remaining contestants then participate in some sort of competition and the two people who are the last to complete the competition are then voted on to see who is the person to go home. They are not the biggest loser.

I like this change since it gives everyone a second chance. Let’s face it you could have a bad week for some reason and not lose the amount that you need to stay safe. Getting a second chance can be a life saver for some and it focuses on who is the best shape and the person who has exercised the most.

When do the Extra Contestants Come Back?

I still think that the people eliminated in the first show are going to come into the biggest loser house. They obviously need to lose weight and this could be a huge twist in the game of biggest loser.

Let’s face it. while the show is focused on helping people lose weight, it is also a game of strategy. You need to work out and lose weight. But you can form alliances, you can win immunity and you can game the show. There is always a faction within the biggest loser house that is trying to control the game. They protect each other when it comes to the elimination phase.

The show does try to avoid portraying this, for obvious reasons, however you can rest assured that these people are playing the game, while trying to lose as much weight as they can.

We will keep blogging about this show. The biggest loser show tries to balance diet, exercise, health management and create a support network to help people lose weight and keep it off. If you would like to add your comments, please do so. We would love to hear your opinions as well. Spam comments will be deleted.

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