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Whitewater Rafting Packages

Whitewater Rafting PackagesWhitewater rafting packages vary a great deal from company to company and even on the same river. Each company puts together rafting packages that take into account the river they are on, the staff they have to run the trips and the gear they have. Some companies are better equipped than others with both personnel as well as the gear they use. You might even take the same trip from the same company with two different guides on different days and have a totally different kind of trip.

The water levels may be different and the guides could be having a great day or not so great a day. You could even find that the group you are with may make a difference as well. Some will be gung ho, while others are timid and afraid of the white water rapids.

Whitewater Rafting Packages

White Water Rafting Packages are put together by these companies to maximize the experience of their customers, while keeping them safe and still making a profit for the company. This is a tough business for them and they are still dependent on the weather during the winter, the spring melt and the summer flows. All of these conditions impact the overall water flow and can make the difference between a class 2 rapids and a class 4 rapids. White water rafting companies cannot control these elements, however they do the best they can to give you a memorable experience.

White Water Rafting is for Families as well as experts.

If you are new to white water rafting and really wondering what is white water rafting and what the sport is all about, you may want to start with one of the relatively calm white water rafting packages and then progress as you find these trips interesting and exciting. Beginners can choose from camping packages and hotel packages. Most beginners will take a short half day trip to get a feel for rafting to see if they really will enjoy it. Some trips are suitable for elderly people and small children accompanied by an adult.

Discuss your trip with the local guide or representative of the rafting company. Ask all of the questions that you may have and focus on making sure that you are compatible with the trip being offered. If you cannot swim, make sure that the company is aware of this. They will not send you on a trip that is dangerous and requires that you may be able to swim out of a rapids should your raft capsize.

What do Whitewater Rafting Packages Include

Typically white water rafting trips will include the following. However they do vary by location and company so be sure to review the list in detail. Ask questions if you do not see what you are expecting. Some items on the list will apply to full day or over night trips. They may not be offered with half day trips. If in doubt always ask the organizer of the representative of the white water rafting company:

  • Buffet Breakfast before your trip.
  • A great riverside lunch complete with all the trimmings (usually applies to full day trips)
  • One or Two Day full day rafting trip
  • Complementary beverage after your trip
  • Delicious Gourmet Dinner. (Usually applies to overnight trips)
  • One or 2 nights Camping Include camping and meals or
  • One or 2 Nights Lodging for hotel trips
  • All gear is provided including life preservers, rafts, tents and food
  • Customers may want to bring their own sleeping bag rather than use one provided by the rafting company.
  • Always ask for a full list of the items provided by the company. Also for a recommended list of items that each person should bring along.
  • You should ask for a list of those things that should be left behind. Such as your non water proof watches and cameras, jewelry, wallets. Also any other items of value which might not do well in a wet environment.

Select A Rafting Site that Fits your Least Fit Person

Choose a white water rafting trip that makes sense for you, your family and friends and your budget. If you want the exhilarating ride of a fast rapids and the comfort of a hotel room at night, book the hotel package with meals and you will have a very exciting and comfortable vacation.

If you like to rough it, then an overnight camping trip might be the best trip for you. Camping under the stars can be a lot of fun. However the weather may not always cooperate. Be prepared for wet , cold conditions. Bring several changes of clothes that can be kept dry and ready for you after a days rafting down the river.

Finally, any trip should be fun for everyone involved. This includes white water rafting. Being prepared for your trip and making the most of it will contribute to wonderful memories. That you can share with friends and family for years to come.

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