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White Water Rafting Shenandoah River

Rafting Trip – White Water Rafting Shenandoah RiverWhite Water Rafting Shenandoah River

Description – 7 Mile excursion, 2 to 3 hours on the river. Spring and fall include white water rapids, while the summer provides more gentle rapids with lots of swimming opportunities. Pick your dates based on the type of excursion you would like to go on and book early, especially if there is a large group of people planning to go. Summer time rafting can be quite pleasant, especially once the river water warms up and the days are hot.

White water rafting on the Shenandoah river is near Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, and is located where Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia come together. White water rafting on the Shenandoah river is close to both Washington, DC and Baltimore – only an hour away.

River Rating – Spring and Fall – Class I-III, spring runoffs are generally higher and provide a more thrilling ride, while summertime trips are more tranquil. These summer time trips  are ideal for the novice and those who would prefer the more restful type of trip were you can enjoy the scenery. Spring and fall trips are for those people who had some experience and are also looking for a thrill.

Number of Rapids – “The Dam”, “The Needles Rapid”, “Wake Up Call” and the all time favorite “White Horse”.

Minimum Age – During spring and fall -ages 6-8 years (50 lbs)

Departure Dates – Daily March through November, book early if you want specific trips and dates

Boat Type – white water rafts, with all of the associated gear.

What to Bring – An extra set of dry clothes, swimming suit. The outfitters pretty much provide everything else, however it is a good idea to check with the outfitter you plan to use to see what they provide vs. what each person needs to bring with them. Most people will bring extra clothes and may bring extra snacks to snack on when the trip is over. Your outfitter may also provide snacks as well, although it is good to confirm. Sometimes for some people, the snacks might not be enough to satisfy your appetite and you will need to bring some of your own.

Reviews – None that we saw

Outfitters – yes, several

White water rafting is a great sport that you can have a lot of fun with. Always make sure you have a life jacket on and secured tightly in the proper manner. Your navigator and out rigger company should provide you with all of the appropriate safety gear and instructions. Listening and following these instructions could save your life.

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